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No feedback contracts no longer impact Job Success Score (JSS)

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Olena D Member Since: Nov 6, 2020
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clients who create multiple contracts have NO clue they need to leave feedback every time. it's frustrating for them and they don't understand why they need to do it.

I work with clients who genuinly are clueless about JSS and they should be given more infromation about it because they just don't understand how critical it is for people who do the work.

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Saima A Member Since: Apr 17, 2017
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I have been working with a client since 2015. With another, the same history. It is considered as 'Ongoing or Work in progress' with no feedback left. 

It should be considered an extra point for JSS. 

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Scott B Member Since: Oct 26, 2020
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Where did you hear November 8th?  I have tons of non-feedback clients dragging my JSS down and today on Nov 10th the score has not increased at all...  

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Jason Z Member Since: Jun 20, 2017
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Doesn't seem to be Nov 8th as my score is still the same. 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Jason,


The change announced on this thread has already been implemented and reflected in the most recent Job Success Score calculation. If you didn't see any changes to your score this weekend, it's possible that the number of No Feedback contracts you have wasn't significant enough to affect your score before. Please know that both private and public feedback along with a number of other factors goes into the calculation of the score. Here you can learn more about it.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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Ranjan S Member Since: Nov 6, 2020
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ok sir

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Nhi N Member Since: Mar 12, 2019
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This is great for freelancers!

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Mary Justena S Member Since: Feb 24, 2018
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Thank you! I read somewhere that open but inactive accounts can adversely affect JSS, so I went back and ended several contracts that were still open after the job was completed. My JSS score dropped from 100% to 83%. All of a sudden, I was no longer "Top-Rated". I am retired and no longer highly competitive, but I think losing my high ratings has blocked me from many jobs. 

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Saima A Member Since: Apr 17, 2017
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Great to know that. 

I am an upworker for the last 10 years. Generally, it happens we work and get paid but clients do not leave their feedback in spite of the good work delivered. It impacts our aggregate feedback and success score. 


Please make another change. Whenever there comes any issue, we are left with a community bot to chat with. This bot is set on a set of questions that usually do not address the issue we face. We need human staff to get support in case of any problem or discrepancy. 

Thank you 



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Ali K Member Since: Sep 6, 2018
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That's a really good news, very happy after come to know about this change. Thanks