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Jul 20, 2022
Removal of Upwork Readiness Test

We will soon be removing the Upwork Readiness as a requirement for the Rising Talent Badge and from the platform in general. We’ve observed that the test created increased friction for Talent who would otherwise qualify for the Rising Talent badge. At the same time, the test hasn’t been as effective in educating newly registered talent about Upwork basics. 

We understand that the Upwork Readiness Test did provide helpful information for new freelancers getting started on the platform and learning to build their business on Upwork. However, with the launch of our new Academy space, we encourage all freelancers who may be looking for resources, information, and best practices, to explore our Academy courses, learning paths, and videos. We’re planning to incorporate relevant Academy courses into the first stages of talent’s Upwork journey, to ensure anyone new to Upwork has access to resources and information to help them succeed. We invite you to check out our new Academy space and explore courses, learning paths, and videos to get started.