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Removing Skill Tests on July 16th

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Martha H Member Since: Nov 6, 2019
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I continue getting a message saying that the client seeks"English Native" I fall short because my profile does not show "English Native" though I can speak, spell and read English.   

I am missing out on some positions because of this.  How do I make up for my less than 80 score? What is my option?  

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Martha, 


I'd like to note that even if you don't meet the requirements set by the client, you will still be able to send proposals for the client's job post, and the client will receive your proposal.


I'm not sure about the "80 score" you referred to on your post. If you can please elaborate on that, I can check if I can assist you. 

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Hamsa H Member Since: Jan 10, 2020
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UPDATE: The removal of skill tests has been 

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Md Rubel A Member Since: Jul 17, 2019
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I want removed skills test