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Removing Skill Tests on July 16th

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Andrew L Member Since: Mar 8, 2015
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"because test is not valuable in hiring" - but it's valuable in searching for a person with the right skills. How do I find a programmer with needed skills???

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Amr S Member Since: Jun 5, 2019
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It is very obvious that people who don't pass these tests welcome this descision. For clients it is definitely a bad decision and it takes an important information for screening the right candidates. 

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Tricxie L Member Since: Sep 18, 2019
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it is true the activity will deny the chance to many people.

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Gourav G Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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I don't think so, if you are fresh on upwork, than its very hard to get job without test.. 

in that case how client can assume that this candidate is right for job. 


They need to use a parameter, if developer done more than 200-300 jobs than they can remove test section form those developers profile. 


Hope you got my point.. 

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George D Member Since: Apr 1, 2019
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Wrong Decision 

Now its even more likely to get less talented People.



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Oliver M Member Since: Jun 6, 2019
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I base my hiring on portfolio and pricing if I'm looking. If I'm posting a job, responses that don't have a good portfolio (i.e. no artwork for an illustrator's profile), or introductions / responses to my hiring questions or job description that don't match, I don't hire.


Then, it's: does the style match the job.


Then it's: are they a good communicator.


I always figured the self-testing has low credibility anyway, it was just a sort of way of showing parts of a CV. Just include that in your profile I mean... if people wanted to look at resume's that's what the profile page would be. Overall, I don't think they do. This is all about the look and feel you get when working with people on these marketplaces, there's really not a lot of formality for the most part. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's really not.

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Kapil S Member Since: Jul 27, 2019
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I am not agree with the decision. The Upwork should make the test interface more secure and reliable so there would be no chances of cheating. If such steps would have taken then only the true worthy developers would have been able to pass the test. 

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Sahifa N Member Since: Oct 5, 2019
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Ahhhh i can't understand what's happening here. Will u plz teach me that what i have to do for test
Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Sahifa,


The skills test has been removed. You can learn more about the update here. Thanks.

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Nofal I Member Since: Mar 13, 2019
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only English Reading Test is Availble or other tests remove