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Removing Skill Tests on July 16th

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John M Member Since: Jun 15, 2019
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Excellent point SueAnne. And given the quality of the other responses to this topic, that is obviously true.

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Atif Z Member Since: May 17, 2017
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Upwork has a R&D team (Bear in mind, the Era of Artificial Intelligence ), closely looking what deicions to make for the betterment of upwork's community. I can't give a positive or a negative vote on this decision, reason becuase this decision of removing skill test is based on what Client's look at the time of hiring, 

Let me ask you a question here: When was the last time a client asked you a question "have you passed and done well in XYZ test"? I know they still ask such questions but only few clients, Majority they do not want to rely on those tests, where as, they are more concerned about your feedback/job success rate, your portfolio etc.

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Matthieu R Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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At first, I felt like most did. I have many test results in the top 10% if not 'first place'.
One good point is that UpWork is a worldwide pool of talents, and most users do not speak English at a native level. So it was not fair to them in the first place as those tests could not be taken in other languages.
That said, if you consistently provide quality services, then your profile should still reflect that. 
I think I will take a screenshot of my test results before they're gone and put that screenshot in my UpWork portfolio. 

Best to all,

Matthieu R.
Anything French.... except fries and kisses to respect the UpWork policies !!!
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Bob K Member Since: Jul 20, 2019
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It doesn't matter if a freelancer does not speak English as their native language... If a client is giving you instructions in English then you should absolutely be able to pass a skills test that is also in English. 


If a freelancer can't pass a skills test solely because the test is in English and all of the communication about the project will be in English, then I really shouldn't be hiring that freelancer.


Isn't that obvious?

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Cherry Vic P Member Since: Nov 29, 2010
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I find that providing a tailored (or existing relevant) writing sample that matches the client's job description, and referring them to my relevant work history (say, travel writing history for a job description that says "City Guides to European Capitals"), often get a client response. Even my very first contract (back when Upwork was oDesk) was won on the strength of a writing sample, not my score on skill tests.

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Monirul I Member Since: Apr 26, 2019
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I think, This is a good decision.

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Shumaila A Member Since: Jun 26, 2019
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George D Member Since: Apr 1, 2019
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My point.........

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Md Jashim U Member Since: Oct 28, 2016
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This is a good decision for all cause decrease database and loading time will be fastest

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Richard L Member Since: Dec 14, 2016
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"This is a good decision for all cause decrease database and loading time will be fastest"

I am a tech writer.  And I know about databases. In what pitifully programmed situation will test scores slow down page loading?