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Requested design updates to the Upwork Desktop App

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Martin N Member Since: Mar 4, 2015
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Thanks for the update. I will try your workaround!

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Pavla H Member Since: Jul 28, 2018
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After using the new version for several days now, I can conclude that whatever has been improved on the app got beaten by the numerous downsides that come with it.

The time tracker is less useful than before and it became confusing and impractical in various ways. This is not about getting used to new design. These changes simply make things more difficult for us, period.

  1. Why is cursor so unintuitive when we go to switch codes? It changes in a way that confuses me every single time, also the layout of previous memos and codes to choose is somewhat awkward and unintuitive.
  2. Why do we need to see time today in local time if we still need to "think in UTC" for everything else? It is indeed confusing no matter how many well-meant warnings will pop up.
  3. Why was elapsed time taken away? How is this improvement? Many of us have limitations such as that we cannot bill less than a full hour. Any other means to make sure we do so are just making things more difficult for us. I don't really care I can go to the work diary to see how many minutes I have been working on a specific task. There was a simple way to check elapsed time in a session and my teammates and I would very much appreciate if this feature is back, thanks.
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Viacheslav K Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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  • We removed the elapsed timer which increased each minute, and replaced it with a timer which increases in 10 minute intervals after a screen capture is taken and the time is registered as billable.
  • Because your time tracked is now showing in your local time on the main page, 

Ugh, why? I work after midnight quite a lot, now I'm just confused how much did I work; I have to manually calculate the duration of a session each time. Unless this is some woodoo to work more hours, I want the old timer back. Local time doesn't matter, since I work with clients of different timezones.

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Dmitry M Member Since: Jun 2, 2016
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  • “Time today” - shows billable time tracked in your local time zone, not in UTC. However, “Time this week” still shows the weekly billable time in UTC because our weekly billing is calculated in the UTC time zone.


Inconsistent design that makes everyone confused and adds unecessary overhead that people need to calculate how much time they worked today per billing rules.


  • We removed the elapsed timer which increased each minute, and replaced it with a timer which increases in 10 minute intervals after a screen capture is taken and the time is registered as billable.




I'm in a team of hundreds of contractors who relied on elapsed time feature in their day to way work. Please, bring this back. And please, next time the app development team thinks of removing something, consider conducting a survey.

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Linda B Member Since: Oct 13, 2015
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Without showing elapsed time there is no way of knowing how much time has been tracked while offline. Or am I missing something?

The app always goes offline periodically even if I am connected but now without elapsed time, I have no way of knowing how much time has been tracked until it eventually catches up. Or am I just confused?

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Igor D Member Since: Jun 24, 2015
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Please just return session time.

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Frances Ellen P Member Since: Mar 19, 2018
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The new Upwork tracker is so disorienting.

What was the reason you removed the elapsed time?

Please return the elapsed time.


I do my work in 10 min blocks and I have no way of checking how close I am to 10 minutes now that the minute timer is gone. 

It would be hellish to track it via an actual clock timer. Extra work. 


Please please return elapsed time.

Will it be possible to roll back to the old version???


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Steven E. L Member Since: May 5, 2015
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Thank you for this most recent update. I'm not sure why someone was paid for this.


  1. The font size was made smaller and harder to read
  2. In a multi-monitor setup, the app appears all over the place on any window. The notifications and messages may appear on any other monitor with no relation to where the app is actually docked.
  3. The most bestest part, we now have more blessed popups which trigger as soon as one hovers over the selection, which then block the click for the selection one is hovering over.

Upworks UI is really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad.


Please don't ever use popups again on anything, ever. At all. It's obvious the dev team does not understand the purpose of tooltips.


PS: The UI is really bad!

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Brett W Member Since: Sep 17, 2015
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First, the positive: I love having the latest screen capture included directly in the app, so I don't have to go double check the work diary if I missed the last screen capture notification. I also personally prefer having the time in local time, as I always end up changing it from UTC to local on the website and I like that it defaults to my time zone now. That said, I've seen some complaints from other uses here about this, and I think the ideal solution would be to make this totally optional. Let us choose whether we want to work in UTC or local time, as I recognize that everybody has their own systems that work for them.


One thing I do really miss is the little green bar that changes color as we're going through the work week and putting in more hours. This was just a nice quick visual indicator of how much work we've done for a client. It's a minor thing, as I know I can just look at the new "this week" indicator, but it would be nice to have both.


I am having one major problem since receiving another update last night (version, and that is that the app no longer remembers window positioning in Windows 10, and things just aren't showing up where they should be on my dual screen setup. It's making it difficult to work with the program at the moment, especially when the screenshot pop up doesn't show up where expected. I've emailed support directly about this but just wanted to mention it in this general feedback thread too.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


We appreciate feedback and discussion on this thread and we have been sharing your observations with the team. We'll also move comments related to this update posted elsewhere in the Community to this thread to keep the discussion organized.

~ Valeria