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Sep 13, 2016
Russian Freelancer Documentation for Wire Transfers

UPDATE ON Jan 5th, 2017- Here is the updated Confirmation of Services form with font sizes that automatically adjust. 




Hi all,
We've heard you. Many of the concerns you've raised in this discussion thread, after our announcement on 9/13 are valid and as a result, we are in the process of revising those documents in order to properly address those concerns.

While we work on these changes, you may use this updated version of the Confirmation of Services form (and the process you were accustomed to) for any wire transfers to registered Private Entrepreneur bank accounts. Note, we did make one edit to this Confirmation of Service form updating, Elance Escrow Corporation to Upwork Escrow Inc.


We're going to regroup as a team and carefully review any updates in light of your feedback and consultation with our Russian legal counsel. We apologize for the disruption and confusion. Again, to clarify, until furthter notice you can use the documents noted below in Lena's original post, or you can revert to the old process and Confirmation of Services form found here.




We understand that some Russian freelancers have had difficulty with receiving payments in Russia via wire transfers when registered and working as Private Entrepreneurs. As a result, we have worked to vet documentation with several key banks in Russia that have reviewed and approved these templates that are now available for download.  


By downloading and completing the Service Contract and Act of Acceptance documents that Upwork now provides, Russian freelancers can conveniently receive payments from their Upwork clients via wire transfer to their Private Entrepreneur (“PE”) bank account. Upwork has made these forms available online in a fillable PDF format. Freelancers can download and complete these forms each time they receive a wire transfer to their PE bank account, and keep them in their permanent records for bank and tax purposes.

For more details and FAQs, read the information in this Hiring Headquarters article.