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Showing Active Earners in Search Results

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Jason F Member Since: Jul 9, 2017
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your logic is actually flawed.


You see by making the profile private like they do for "inactivity" doesnt actually stop you from applying for jobs, you can still apply and "jam" up a clients inbox like you say. All it does is stops you from showing up in the search box when a client wants to invite someone to a job. So what it is doing is potentially removing freelancers that might be the best fit for the job from the list of freelancers a client sees.


Point in case, the job I mentioned actually came about from the client inviting me to the job. If the client didnt invite me I might of just looked over the job and not submitted a proposal. But because I got invited I thought why not submit a proposal, and hence landed a job.


Not to mention that all one has to do to get around this stupid new policy of determining if a freelancer is "inactive" is to just pay $10 a month for an account. $10 isnt much so if a freelancer does decide that the best way for them to get work is to just spam all the jobs they can then paying $10/month would be worth while so that they dont get placed on the inactive list (plus they get more connects so they can spam more jobs).


The whole point to this seems like away to force freelancers to pay for an account. I dont have an issue with that if thats what they want to do. What I do have an issue is with them hiding behind some **edited for Community Guidelines** of inactivity to make this happen. If they want us to pay then just say it.


Oh and to all the people that are going to say upwork doesnt make any money off the paid account just do the maths and then tell me they dont make any money off it. Even if they only had one member that paid that is still an extra $10 in their bank account.


But hey lets just do some maths. If 100,000 people have a paid account that is 10 *100,000 which is $1m a month. Thats not a bad little extra ontop of the percentage that they take from every job.

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Fernando A Member Since: Oct 6, 2009
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Just realized that my profile had been marked as "private".


I feel like I'm being penalized for not submitting proposals to job offers. It's not like the job offers have been offering reasonable rates lately.




What the heck is this UpWork?


First you increase the fees you charge to freelancers who're actively engaged in gigs. Now you remove us from search results when we haven't found a good gig in a month?


Yeah, have people who send us jobs that "might be appropriate" or "I might be interested in", but offering me a writing job when my profile CLEARLY states I'm a Worpress Developer is neither appropriate nor something I might be interested in. Do your people even read the profiles of the freelancers they're presumably trying to help?


And finally, I tried looking for a web form to submit a request to customer support to please "unprivate" my profile, but all I get is the knowledgebase pages. I'm like @#$%&, you know?


No, I definitely will not avail of the paid account. I've been working via Upwork since 2013 (and since 2009 via my old account which you guys erased for no good reason and no explanation, Tes, I'm one of the casualties of your effed-up data migration.)


So, please, someone, please put up a link to a webform that allows freelancers like me to submit a request to remove the 'private' status.


Pissed, but still willing to use UpWork despite all of the above.


Fernando Ayala

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Fernando,


I was able to access available support options while using your account, please take a look at the screenshot below. Please use the Get Help button, make an appropriate selection, include your request, click next, specify that you still like to receive help and submit a support request.


Support Options.png

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Fernando A Member Since: Oct 6, 2009
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Thanks Vladimir. Did that already. Not stopping me from taking exception to Alan's statement and the implication that I may be one of those millions of people with account that never earned any revenues for Upwork.


Just saying.

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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I think I will not find better words to explain how I felt when I received the Upwork mail today, warning me that, since I do not get a job, my profile will no longer be public.


A really good begining of day!


What do I have left? I will have to accept one of the thousands of "wonderful" jobs that appear in my search list.

Can not understand that, if we do not get work, is not because we do not try?
I do job searches every day, but the results are daunting.

What do they want? Do they want me to accept jobs of true shame in order to maintain my status?
Or, of course, I've the option of pay directilly to them, for a membership, what they don't get throught fees.


What the **** is this?

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Josephine Lynn B Member Since: Sep 27, 2017
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Also, why should WE pay them?? They are already keeping a commission from people's salary! 

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Pandora H Member Since: May 11, 2010
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I doubt you will read this, but just in case.


When your profile is private:

1. Clients who respond to your bids will see your profile, private or not.


2. Clients who use the SEARCH function will not see you listed in results, and therefore will never load your profile anyways.


3. You CAN request your profile be made public by contacting support, at which time it will show up in search results (maybe, results are rotated so that everyone gets a chance to be seen).


Your new. Invites are going to be all scams anyways, at least for the first few months. Your loosing nada by not getting those.


Focus on creating  a great profile, sending great, custom proposals, and an paid job will get your profile public again.


And since you seem to be having trouble finding good clients, perhaps these 2 forum threads would be of help to you.


Getting Started on Upwork

Tips on Avoiding Questionable Jobs

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Josephine Lynn B Member Since: Sep 27, 2017
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Totally agree!! 


I am trying to get started on Upwork. I am applying for jobs and they are 90% scams, and 99% of people that reach out to me are also clearly scammers. 


I am doing my best, but now I realized my profile is PRIVATE unless I get a paid membership?? 


I am a top level EA working in San Francisco, and could make contributions to this community, but will probably just delete my account. 



Community Leader
Gary Val T Member Since: Mar 28, 2018
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Ditto everything you said.

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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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Ah - so the friendly interpretation is: it's actually another perk for the Plus membership. Interesting.


Anyway, I didn't really make money between the beginning of April and the middle of May, which was partly due to Upwork accidentally hiding my profile when they tried to get rid of a person who had stolen my profile. And I am still hardly getting any invites, which may be due, among other things I am not aware of, to the faulty matching/similar jobs and the US-only jobs feature.


And now, in true Upwork style, you introduce new features when you still haven't fixed the others. 


The only thing I take away from this: I am probably going to be even less visible in search than I am now. Good times.


Don't get me wrong, I am all for only listing people that are actually active & working & available - but making profiles private after 30 days of not earning money as opposed to being inactive? That's harsh.


What happens if I take a month off and set my profile to unavailable for 30 days?



ETA: Upwork must be losing a lot of money to be making this move.