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Specialized Profiles Soon Available in All Categories

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Sergio T Member Since: Jan 20, 2010
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I tried to create a specialized profile today and when I picked Web Development > Full Stack Development, it seems it's only showing me options for Blockchain.

This is probably a bug.

For now I've removed my draft specialized profile but I'll definitely revisit once it's fixed.

Thank you!



Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Sergio,


Thank you for the feedback. We'll share this with our team. We appreciate your patience while our team is looking into it.

~ Bojan
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Sergio T Member Since: Jan 20, 2010
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Thanks Bojan, looking forward to using this feature!

Ace Contributor
Joshua R Member Since: Mar 18, 2018
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Please please give freelancers the option to specialize by niche. Many of us offer the same service to different niches. That's a different type of specialization that offering multiple services, but just as vital. As of right now, I can't use the specialized profiles at all. 

I'm a copywriter. I write for cryptocurrency industry and medical industry. The writing is totally different skillset, but still writing. When I send a proposal, I want to show the client a SPECIFIC profile of mine. 

See, it's still specification. I do not understand why it is so difficult to give the freelance the CHOICE and OPTION. Forcing us to fall into rigid categories makes no sense. Only we know how our industries operate. 

It's REALLY simple. Let me just write two profiles and then SELECT which one when submitting. That's it. One little button. Click which profile to send. Done. I'm baffled at how Upwork can possibly survive as a company when it does ZERO market research on how its industry actually operates.  

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Joshua,


Thanks for sharing your personal experience with using specialized profiles to differentiate the services you'er offering on Upwork. Currently, specialized profiles are designed to allow freelancers to create variations of their profile that showcase their experience within specific categories. In your case, we'd you can consider creating a Writing specialized profile to highlight your expertise in both cryptocurrency and medical writing, and any other topics you specialize in.


We've shared your feedback with the team but at the moment we don't have plans to change the way specialized profiles feature is set up.

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Andrew A Member Since: Apr 16, 2019
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How do I select my Specialized Profile rather than my General Profile when submitting a proposal

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Andrew,


The profile that is most relevant to the job requirements will automatically be shown with your proposal. Your general profile and any other specialized profiles you have will still be visible to the client when they view your proposal and your profile details. 


Thank you.

~ Bojan
Community Guru
Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Vlad, why - WHY - wasn't the "the ability of freelancers to submit a specialized profile with a proposal" rolled out  concurrently with specialized profile?  Doing it piecemeal is useless.   

Community Guru
Jess C Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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Valeria K wrote:

Hi Jess,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. The prompt will disappear after you create a specialized profile. We currently have no plans to turn the prompt off at the moment, as having a specialized profile allows you to input more structured skill information. This, in turn, helps power more accurate searches and recommendations, and allows you to be found by clients who are looking for you based on the skills you have and the deliverables you create. For more information on why specialized profiles are important, please read this blog post from our VP of Product.

So the real answer is that Upwork is moving towards making this compulsory, even after assuring us countless times that it's "optional."


While I'm gratified to see that, FINALLY, my skills can be somewhat realistically represented in the specialized profile setup, those updates to skills categories were not announced anywhere. There should have been a big splashy headline article somewhere telling us that Editorial Design is now recognized as an actual field, but I had to get deep into the process to find that out. "Keep checking back" is a giant waste of my time.


When this "feature" was first introduced, it was sold to us as a way for people to highlight MORE THAN ONE area of specialization, with different rates for different work.


For those of us with ONLY ONE area of focus, it doesn't seem to make sense to have a general profile anymore. Everything on my general profile would fit into the specialized profile, so what is the point? And do not refer me to that "blog post" again. So much double-talk there that it is completely meaningless.


This is yet another example of the lack of transparency in ALL of Upwork's operations. Obviously specialized profiles will soon be REQUIRED of all freelancers, if you have "no plans" to allow anyone to opt out.

Community Guru
Wes C Member Since: May 3, 2019
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Valeria K. wrote:

We currently have no plans to turn the prompt off at the moment, as having a specialized profile allows you to input more structured skill information. 

Please, please, please reconsider this - or if you aren't going to give the option to turn off the prompt, can you at least shrink it so it doesn't take up the entire first browser page when I go to edit my profile?  


I have no need for a specialized profile at the moment since I do all my work in one area - the specialized profile, assuming it works right, would be a duplicate of my main one.