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Streamlining your job search experience

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Jess C Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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@Vladimir G wrote:

Hi Andrew,


Yes, I expect this was addressed in the latest version of the Desktop app. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

The flagging options have also been added to the fly-out, hallelujah!


One would think that Upwork would actually tell us when these things are fixed. Emphasize the positive, donchaknow.

Community Guru
Jess C Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
22 of 22

Been wrestling with this design as I browse the job listings over the last few days. It's really not user-friendly overall - because the whole post is coded to bring up the fly-out, clicking "more" or the tiny "thumbs-down" and "save job" icons is increasingly difficult. And since the thumbs-down options aren't available on the fly-out, either - lots of extra clicks and hassle.


This could be good, if the fly-out contained all of the functions we actually use more often than submitting a proposal. Instead, there are three different areas a freelancer must interact with in order to effectively deal with a job post.


1) The search list itself, which is the only place to thumbs-down a post

2) The fly-out, which saves an extra tab or window when wanting more detail, but lacks both thumbs-down AND flagging options

3) The job post itself, which is the only place to flag a post. (Often, one can tell from the description that a job is a scam, so it would make sense for these options to be more available rather than less!)


Adding thumbs-down and flagging options to the fly-out would make the whole thing a lot easier to work with. Additionally, please look into re-coding the search list so that the flyout is not so "touchy" - especially enlarging the thumbs-down and save job buttons.