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Jan 04, 2022
Submit your best interview questions for a chance to be featured on Upwork!

Whether you’re a freelancer, client, or both, we need your help! 


We’re creating a repository of interview questions and answers to help clients ask the right questions and to help talent ensure they’re the best match for a project. We’re collecting both skill-specific and general, soft-skill-based questions and answers. Here is an example of one of our existing interview question and answer pages to illustrate what we’re looking for. Visit this page to see the list of skills we’re looking for questions and answers for.


Talent - What are the questions you’d ask (and the answer you’d hope to receive) if hiring someone in your skill set? What are the questions you wish clients would ask and the answers they should look for?


Clients - What interview questions do you find most helpful? What are the ideal responses to those questions?


If you have great interview questions and answers for one of these skills, fill out this form. If one of your questions is chosen, you’ll be promoted on the page where your question and answer are displayed! You must have an Upwork account to participate. By submitting your question(s) or answer(s) or information, you’re agreeing to Upwork’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In completing the submission, you understand and acknowledge that you will not receive monetary compensation for your submission. 



Jessie F. 

SEO Manager