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Jul 20, 2023
Tax Update: VAT and GST

Upwork is required to comply with the tax laws of the countries where we do business, including collecting taxes and remitting them—which means sending the money we collect from you to the tax authority of the government that requires the tax.

To be compliant, Upwork will begin charging value-added tax (VAT) at the end of August 2023. VAT impacts freelancers and clients in these countries:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Colombia
  • Georgia
  • Norway
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam

Upwork will also begin charging this tax in Singapore, where it is called goods and services tax (GST).

VAT and GST apply to many digital service purchases that Upwork supplies, such as the purchase of Connects, service fees, and membership fees. 

If you provide Upwork with a valid VAT or GST ID, we are not required to collect these taxes from you. This is because you are already registered for VAT or GST and are responsible for self-reporting and remitting any taxes owed. VAT and GST are an indirect tax number given to you if you register with a relevant government agency. 

As an optional step, if you have a VAT or GST ID and want it displayed on your invoices, go to your Tax Information page within settings to update your VAT or GST ID. Keep in mind that your VAT or GST ID is different from your tax identification number. If you do not have a VAT or GST ID, you can select that option on the Tax Information page. You are not required to have a VAT or GST ID.

Learn how taxes may impact you on Upwork by checking out our tax FAQs for freelancers and clients, or contact your local tax advisor.

Disclaimer: The tax-related information in this article is meant for general information only and should not be considered tax advice. This article may not be updated in real-time and may not reflect recent changes. We strongly encourage you to consult your country’s tax authority or tax advisor with questions about your specific situation.