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Testing a Change to Job Feeds & Search Results to Support Top Rated Freelancers

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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@Rene K wrote:

@Amanda F wrote:

I second everything Wendy said but would also like to add what I mentioned on the last page, that the hide X button for clients to hide a proposal from view should not be a dropdown 

I don't have any hiring jobs right now, but if my memory serves me well, there is a shortlist and an archive button on each proposal. Filtering proposals is a one-click operation.

As happens so often on Upwork, this sounds as if a word that makes perfect sense to a programmer—"archive," apparently meaning hide-and-retain—is presented to the user, who lives in the real world where people use human language, and who has no intention of "archiving" anything—storing it away in a safe place for future reference.

In a situation where the user can be reasonably expected to want to delete, dismiss, or hide proposals, that is the language to use. A little UX research could determine optimal language for the UI at each decision point.

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Lachezar S Member Since: Jul 23, 2017
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Hello everyone. This is my opinion:


- Only 20% of the usual posts are visible now and that will push away 80% of the freelancers because they will have nothing to bid on unless they check in every 20 min the new job posts. Good freelaners dont have time for that and the bidders wont be any better than before. it will be hard for the client to choose again from 15-20 proposals who to hire.


- Clients wont award projects more than before. The % will decrease I think and Upwork will have to bring back to old way. Its not normal to hide job posts. Some clients may want to have it longer displayed to attract more people. 50% of the clients way 2-3 days or 1 week before they hire someone. They want more applicants so they can choose better freelancers.


- If Upwork keeps running this test for another 2-3 weeks or 1-2 months the website will loose most of its freelancers and clients. It will bring Upwork 15 years back. From the largest freelance website to a startup level website. It will take 1-2 years to bring back the freelancers and clients and reputation. This test is killing the website.


- People use it because its working well. If its working well you dont make such a massive change. It will be working even better if fee is 10% fore frelancers, not 20%. But thats another topic.


-Already 4-5 clients of mine told me that they will not post a new job in Upwork because of the new test. They dont like the fact that their job post will be hidden in 30-40 minutes. They dont like the fact that will have only 15-20 bidders.


What i suggest is to bring the old way of the job feed this week. If you wait few more weeks will be a massive damage to Upwork. Its been only 1 week since the test started and its already a disaster.


Thank you

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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I'm not a client so I am not sure how it currently is so forgive me if I am wrong, but this is a video of it that I found on upwork's youtube channel of how it is done -

and at 0:46 it shows how proposals are hidden when you click the X and you have this long list of dropdown options. If it is like this, that is complex for archiving proposals and having to do it every time. Shortlist is great but having to go through 100s of proposals is the issue, so having a faster way to hide the ones clients don't want is pretty crucial. 

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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l agree with everything Wendy said, but I do wish Upwork would stop putting the cart before the horse. 


There should first be a much tighter control on the jobs posted, where and how they are posted, and the categories need to be much more clearly defined, for both client and freelancer


Translation, for example, should not be lumped under one heading but sorted correctly into language and language pairs. If a freelancer is a Russian to English translator, the freelancer's profile should be connected to those jobs, not to every translation job going. The same applies to editing and proofreading - not everyone is a Chinese editor or proofreader. The difference between text and video editing should also be clearly defined etc. etc. - every single category on the site should be correctly classified. 


Top-rated freelancers who set a certain rate and level of expertise, do not wish to see random choices and  entry-level jobs in their job feed. Upwork should realize that if it really wishes to benefit  clients by putting  the best freelancers in their way, then those freelancers should be given the opportunity to easily apply to jobs appropriate to their skills, which at the moment is a tombola at best.   


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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi everyone. We understand that you have questions and concerns about this new test we are running. However, to analyze the data effectively we are not able to disclose specific information on the details of this test. Upwork management is actively monitoring this thread, your comments and alternative suggestions. We appreciate all of your feedback.

This test will be running for a limited amount of time while we can analyze the data and results.


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Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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Let me help you out here Lena....this unthought out, insanity, that Upwork has foisted on Top Rated freelancers is KILLING our business. As I have said and so many others, it is insulting to call this a "perk"

You want real word results, how about my own job feed shows significantly less new jobs since this insanity started, and the ones that do show are 85-90% low budget requests.  Not to mention a significant amount have no verified payment, which usually equals a wasted connect.

It might be more productive to look at ways to bring in real clients with real budgets and real jobs that need filling. 

As usual, we get the typical insulting canned response "we cannot be open and transparent" that is given 100% of the time.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Following up on my point that searches and categories need to be refined for both client and freelancer, here is a case in point - an annoyed client who cannot find what he wants:

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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I feel what Nichola said is also true and Greg, the client she points towards. There are not enough filters or anything to sort through freelancers on the search for freelancers/catagories page and same situation exists in the actual proposals section they get from freelancers. The sort by is great and so is the shortlist. If they had more options though it could narrow down who they are looking to hire. Perhaps you could test different filters that are more closely related to the skillsets that freelancers have and the level of expertise they have. They should have something to filter out the super low bidders for intermediate to expert level jobs (many of these people are spammers, but it would be cool to see others suggestions here) , and a way to still hide proposals but just by clicking "hide proposal". 


Can the mods confirm for me if that X button really works like the video I have posted? I feel it makes them have to think too much about what to select and then they have to click twice basically to hide a freelancer (the X and then they have to think about what to pick, and then click it and hides). It could be made much more simple as I assume that's what clients want to see when it comes to a hide button. 


It's funny the client posted about having no way to filter as I just mentioned a few pages back that there are no filters to easily sort through freelancers. If upworks management is really watching this thread, that is something that could majorly help everyone along with a lot of what others have said. Not the $500 fees and taking away of connects. People still need a chance to bid for you to make money here. I am not opposed to reducing the free connects for people slightly. But if I pay a membership it's still only fair that I get more for what I pay. 


You can't just use any old filters though, but ones that will help achieve the client and freelancer's goals. Like for example, for graphic designers like myself it is important to see some kind portfolio work often times because it helps the client see the styles the designer can do. My humble opinions here, I am not a big UX designer or anything, but I do try to understand user experience while creating web designs for people. I am still learning more UX but you've got to look from the prespective of the clients when they search and also from the freelancers point of view. 

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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IF this 'test' is why there are nearly zero jobs showing up in an over-saturated field (W&T) - it needs to be scrapped immediately.


Frankly, for a few days I figured the lack of jobs was due in great part to the economic gyrations taking place on the world stage due to incompetent leaders ... 


However, it seems that Upwork is the root cause behind the lack of RFP postings.  


Can you possibly kick yourself any harder?

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Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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Wendy....It is 100% due to their hairbrained insanity!! 

My job feed has turned into a low budget minimal listings wasteland.