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Testing a Change to Job Feeds & Search Results to Support Top Rated Freelancers

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Nichola and Baris,


Yes, that is correct. The option to make a job private will be available in the scenario you mentioned, please see the screenshot below.


Screenshot 8-10-18-2.png

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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I've commented earlier, but here's an additional thought about why this change is a bad idea.


The purpose of the change seems to be much the same as the purpose of the Connects system--to limit the number of proposals being made. But the two systems fail to complement each other. They cut across each other, with likely undesirable consequences.


Freelancers will still have as many connects as before, so they can still make as many proposals. If there are fewer jobs for them to apply for (because some have been hidden from view under the new system), many freelancers will still use all their connects, finding other jobs to apply for instead. Those freelancers will still be making as many proposals as before, but those proposals will be redirected to jobs which are less suitable for the freelancer, because some of the more suitable jobs (which the freelancer would have preferred to apply for) have been hidden. So this change could result in an overall reduction in the suitability of freelancers to do the jobs they're applying for.


Moreover, it could result in some jobs receiving more proposals than they would have done without this change, especially the less appealing jobs. On average, Top Rated freelancers will tend to apply for the better jobs, so the "guillotine" (as I'm calling it) will tend to fall soonest on the best jobs, while less appealing jobs will remain visible for longer (or indefinitely). So there will be a redirection of proposals away from the best jobs and towards the less appealing jobs.


Perhaps this would suit Upwork, if they wanted to get rid of clients who post less appealing jobs. But I don't think that's the case.


If the goal is to further restrict the number of proposals being made, beyond what is currently achieved by the Connects system, then the best and simplest way to do that is just to reduce the number of available connects.

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Maria C Member Since: Jul 9, 2015
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They will also lose clients who post good jobs, because they are likely to receive just spam or automated proposals. 


Reducing the number of connects is fine, sure, but I would start by getting rid of spammers and fakers (after all spammers might have several accounts), indeed those are easy to catch. And also stop accepting everybody. 


Perhaps this is the first step to implement a subscrition-based model, because it defies all logic. The more I think about this "perk", the less I understand it. 

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Maksym P Member Since: Dec 27, 2016
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Upwork, common — you cut me without a knife.


I've read all pages of this topic and can't understand why don't you listen to the good advice of freelancers?

- Improve the algorithm for freelancers with a high rate;

- Make a limit to first apply not go Top Rated freelancers, and then the Top Rated;

- You will not solve the problem with robo-bidders, as I can see 10+ proposals in the first minutes of the publication of the project;

- In the end, make restrictions by the continent: 10 people from America, 10 from Europe, 10 from Asia etc. Because now I see too many freelancers applying from Asia (I asked my clients and friends who hire on Upwork). And if you hide the job after 20+ submitted proposals, you give a low chance to catch others which is not fair;

- The clients DON'T want "less proposals", they WANT less useless proposals (from copy-paste cover letters of robo-bidders). 


And here is a list why freelancers DON'T LIKE this test innovation (which God forbid will take effect):

- Now people will write their cover letters faster, which will significantly worsen their quality;

- Many freelancers will miss out on the cool projects while they sleeping/working;

- The clients still publish their $$$ (expert) projects with budgets like $10;

- The number of interesting projects has fallen significantly. Now, freelancers WILL HAVE TO work with any projects (not only interesting) just to earn something;

- Now, freelancers should spend their most expensive that they have — time, to monitor and be in first 20 to be among the first who applied for the job;

- Now the reward is received by those who have applied first (what is then the feature of Rated?);

- If we take a freelancer that earned $1k, don't have TR, just 10+ hours and his rate is $15/hour and another freelancer, who has $50k, TR and 1000+ hours with his rate $45/hour — the 1st one will win the job just because he applied earlier 🤷‍♂️ (at this moment, seriously Upwork, this is how you're going to help the clients and freelancers?)

- The level of hiring can fall significantly, because the client simply will not find a suitable candidate (he doesn't have to spend his budget only because on his work were applied  in a hurry);

- The clients DON'T want "less proposals", they WANT less useless proposals (from copy-paste cover letters of robo-bidders). 


So what happens now: I should spend much more my personal time for what, for being Online here and search the job just for earn something this month? Now, I have to apply for not interesting projects just to win them and earn something this month? 


Every time you introduce such innovations you make freelancers worried:

- Won't a freelancer be banned for applying on too many projects without winning them?;

- When a freelancer will get that "letter of happiness"?

- What will happen if a freelancer declines too many invites? (because they are really not interesting);

- Why 1 bad feedback can downgrade JSS for 3%, and the rest few great feedbacks won't raise it not on the percentage of?


I don't think a freelancer should be asking these questions by working on the best freelance platform in the world. It's a little depressing. 


Also, a lot of freelancers (believe me, it more than 50+ only in my environment because I'm in a chat room with 1,000 freelancers) stopped receiving invites, including me. Just 3 months ago I could have 30 invites per months. Now, I can get 2-3 per months. The rest the same. Only a few freelancers from that chat wrote that they have 10+ invites per month). 


Please listen to the opinion of freelancers. I spent time analyzing what others are offering, tried to gather feedbacks in one message + wrote my opinion just to make this platform even better. 


Thank you for your time!

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Nikhil G Member Since: Sep 19, 2017
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I completely agree with Maksym

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Vasil Y Member Since: Aug 16, 2017
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  Hi - i see since yesterday you brought back the old way and now the job posts are visible like before?


did you bring it back like it was before?


thank you

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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I guess the test ended but it would be nice if a moderator or manager would confirm this.
"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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@John K wrote:
I guess the test ended but it would be nice if a moderator or manager would confirm this.


We shouldn't have to guess.  Upwork should provide this information of their own volition.


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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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Here, I'll draft a statement for Upwork:

"Our data shows that this test was a miserable failure, for all the reasons we would have known about if we had asked you before we wasted our resources and yours on it."

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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The Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Clio, and Addy + the Internet all go to Michael for the best and truest line ever written in the forums.