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Re: Testing freelancer location for job posts

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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I start to wonder whether it is possible that this move is also made with the idea of limiting outsourcing and thus increasing the rates and as a consequence, Upwork's cut. Maybe I'm wrong about the intention, but the effect will be the same. US providers, US rates.


Foreign providers offering the same services that you can find someplace else will be at disadvantage as Amanda pointed it, but I can understand the approach. If this (purely speculative) theory is true, then I would really want to see it implemented globally. Yes, make America great again if you want. But make France great again too in the process :-)

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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I hope not! I feel it puts me at a great disadvantage if this is true Rene because many of my clients are from the US, perhaps because the way I design is more appreciated by them and many of the types of busnesses that post here from the US resonate more with what I do. I actually don't see much from my own country and not to say anything about them because I do enjoy working with anyone whom hires me from anywhere really, but there are good reasons I work mainly with US clients. They are just truly people who I really enjoy working for in general and their opportunties work with what I do. So to me this change would be unfair since this is supposed to be a global market. I feel we all should be able to compete for the work just like it is now. I get my rate that I want all the time and it's because I am good at what I do and I provide good quality. My rate is equal/very close to my US counterparts anyways. 

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Mladen M Member Since: Sep 10, 2016
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I don't think this is a good idea, because someone from US will by default select US freelancers,

thinking that they will get better and faster work done.


But that is not a case (no offence to US freelancers).

The main goal for a client is to get the best possibile work done.


By selecting US only, he shortens the list, and it is questionable whether they would get such a good job done.


I know many freelancers who, like me, do this for living.

We want to grow each day on Upwork, and we want to make all of our clients happy by making the best possibile job for them.

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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Mladen, what you think or what I think is irrelevant. From Upwork's perspective if it means more business, it is a good idea and will be implemented. At this time we know little about the effects this will have and if it will be restricted to the US or expanded (in which case you are gonna to be even less happy), but Upwork can decide changes at any time and those changes may impact its freelancers, positively or negatively.


It's a freelancing platform. And it doesn't belong to us.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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you are right that we don't currently know the effects, but my opinions and others here should be considered since this is the reason for this chat. 


While I know the site doesn't belong to us, upworks doesn't mind taking their fees from me and everyone else, so I think our opinions should matter just a little at least. Also, they advertise the heck out of this place being a global market, so why make limitations and slowly change it into not being one? This may not even have that effect, but I dislike the fact nonetheless that certain jobs will now be hidden from me to bid on when they could be opportunities where clients say they want only US, but may not necessarily need someone from the US and that could be interested in my proposal if they saw it or were able to see it. Also that this will be left on once they use it until they turn it off.

If upworks advertise this well there probably will be many who use it and end up not toggling it off. Smiley Sad 


I've found many good clients and opportunities on here and I don't want that limited just because I am not in the US or elsewhere if they implement it entirely and just because a client might think they need someone from their area, but that don't necessarily need it to be someone from their area.


Being able to make a proposal allows us to prove we can still do that work even if we may not be in the exact same timezone, for example, as this is one variable that may not matter too much. For example, I am usually only 1-3 hours ahead of someone in the US, so that isn't a big difference for myself or them. I just closed a deal with someone who was in the US and they said "where are you located?", to which I replied, "Canada", and they said "well that's not a huge difference in timezone then". I was hired. I've even been hired by someone in China because I adapted to their hours to help them since I am a full time freelancer, and that guy happened to be from the US and when he moved back, we did more work together. 


They may say US only because they need someone whom is english speaking, but there are many people who have that skill and that are able to do the work, and that is someone the client could have considered. How about if someone from the US lives in Canada for example? Again, it's someone the client could have considered. There are many flaws I can see with this in general. 


To be honest, I can't see many clients liking this change anyways because having more choices is one of the reasons clients come here. 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Amanda F wrote:


To be honest, I can't see many clients liking this change anyways because having more choices is one of the reasons clients come here. 

 In fairness, if that is the case they can select to see everyone.


Personally I think it may eventually just be used by clients who would not hire outside the US for their own reasons (which is their absolute right of course) and not seeing jobs from those clients won't hurt us as they'd never have hired us in the first place.


The concern I have is that clients who choose US only get comparatively few applications (there is a sweet spot between too many and not enough) and may walk away without hiring because they didn't find what or whom they wanted. The client may not think that his restriction is to blame for the lack of response. People don't like having to contemplate and identify why something didn't yield the results they wanted. They just abandon it as a bad idea and log out, never to return.


Personally I DO see the need for this function, but I believe it is being implemented in a clunky, clumsy, over the top way. There are more elegant ways to allow clients to control this without this brutal hammer of setting essentially all future job posts to "US only unless the client locates and navigates something"


This could and should have been implemented less brutally, with a lighter, and probably more profitable touch.


The proof will be in the pudding (as they say in the UK)


If those clients WITH the ability to filter that way enabled prove to be more profitable, it will stay. If not, it will be dropped at break-neck speed just as many of the other experiments that didn't work out over the years have been.


Whether we love it or hate it will make no difference.



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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Other than my very Libra-n tendency toward the scale of justice which makes me feel this is utterly discriminatory, Petra's comment about the nonsensical approach of "US only unless the client locates and navigates something" is most valid and U. should correct this ASAP.


@ Amanda, you've mentioned your country of residence a number of times but your profile is marked Private.  Just out of curiosity - where do you live?

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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Wendy, I'm in Canada. Smiley Happy For some reason I can't get it to show my profile? I've been meaning to ask how to set that back as it just one day went private and I don't remember doing anything with the settings. May I ask how you change it?


I think Petra, we have similar concerns though. I dislike the way it is being implemented mainly, how it will be set on until turned off and also with the fact that clients will have less to select from so will just leave if they don't get someone. It seems like the functionality is very flawed.


I don't have a problem with some clients wanting to look through US people, they probably need a local person for example. However, I do feel everyone should be able to still see the jobs and bid because sometimes clients don't absolutely need a US person even though they think that's what they want. But In the case I mentioned above, yes, they probably do need someone from the US {for example, I need someone in Texas because I want to meet with them}, however will that be the only reason for this being implemented? No, because Avery mentioned it would be for those who want only US people for many reasons such as timezone, other factors, etc. I've applied to jobs where clients said that they need someone in the US because of timezone, and I was still interviewed and hired for such jobs. So there are various reasons a client may think they need someone from their area, but will actually go with someone else.


Funny thing too is I just had a client who was local to me and he actually wasn't interested in local people through upworks because he knew they'd make something he didn't want, and then he went with me because I convinced him I was right for him and what I could do to make it work. I know, its the opposite of what I am trying to say, but it proves that someone may think they don't want certain areas included, and then select someone anyway from another area because that freelancer fit the skillset, timezone, etc. He was very set on non-local and I changed his mind. The same can be said for US people who think "I want US only freelancers because of my timezone" considering there are people who work different times of the day/night or are in a very similar timezone and can easily answer within US business hours. Many people don't realize my timezone is not much different than theirs. 


They are going to try it anyways, and my hope is that they consider these factors. My hope is that clients would only use this function if they absolutely needed to. The problem is, sometimes they don't see it like that until proposals convince them that you can do a good job. But then, I won't know the jobs exist if this is implemented to help them see I am a good fit. 

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Amanda, to make your profile public 


1. Click on your name on the top banner next to find jobs and message bell icon

2. Make sure you are marked as Freelancer (we all have 2 options - the other is Client)

3. Scroll to and click on Settings

... play all the I'm not a Robot games ....

4. Click on Profile Settings

5. Check Visibility Public


And you should be all set

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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Ok that worked Wendy, thanks. I don't think I ever even went in there. lol