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Testing freelancer location for job posts

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Mack D Member Since: Apr 26, 2017
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What part of I should not have to give UpWork any additional personal information does everyone not seem to understand?

I am being FORCED to provide a company (UpWork) with private information not pertinent to me completing my job in order to prove that I am a US citizen when there are a LOT of other ways that this could be done without putting all freelancers at risk for having their personal information breached.


I am a Houston Texas based freelancer with an UpWork  100% Job Success rating who has been in business since 1988 but I will apparently not be available for US Based Only jobs because of the fact that I won't give UpWork access to personal information that is truly not needed for me to perform my job.




There are a list of ways that UpWork can verify residence of US citizens and requesting that we give up banking information most certainly is not a good one.



Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Lisa and Mack,


I know everyone is worried about their security and that is our top priority also. Keep in mind this is to confirm your location only, and you won't be required to use this bank account as your withdrawal method.

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Mack D Member Since: Apr 26, 2017
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You want access to my banking information to confirm my LOCATION???



If UpWork was that concerned with our security then you would find another method to accomplish this rather than putting people at risk...

UpWork seems to want to side-step the issue with the repeated statement that we won't have to use our bank account as a withdrawl method if we don't want to while ignoring the fact that the security risk is incurred when we input our banking information into UpWork.

Am I actually going to have to take time that I should be servicing customers so that I can go open up another bank account that I don't want or need just so I can provide information to UpWork (who already has enough information to verify my IDENTITY) to now verify my LOCATION?

I most certainly will NOT give UpWork access to any of my primary bank accounts.

I think UpWork should give serious thought to it's position of strong-arming the very freelancers who provide their customers with the services that they need.


I've got a passport, state issued ID, a mortgage, leases, and a million other sources of information that could be used to verify my LOCATION than using my bank account.


BUT...I have to ask...
Is UpWork not aware of the fact that a US citizen can have a US bank account and not live in the US?

With all due respect...

Confirming location via bank account is one of the WORST and most potentially flawed ideas I have heard in a long time.

The mere fact that it doesn't even come close to being able to accomplish it's supposed intended purpose makes me even more skeptical of this situation and cast a very negative light on UpWork in my honest opinion.

Someone please tell me how ANY of this actually benefits me the freelancer or my clients?

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Lisa T Member Since: Apr 26, 2016
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We understand that. I'm sure all those huge corporations that had security breaches in the last few years "had the customer's security as their top priority" too. It can happen in any company. It has already happened to me from a company that freelancers use. Apparently someone at that company or someone who hacked it was using my credit card number for their own personal benefit. They made purchases at that company and elsewhere with my financial information that was entrusted to this company, a company who assured us our info was safe. That is NOT going to happen with my bank account because no one is getting our number. It's not theirs to have. It's not theirs to demand.


We feel we're being manipulated into putting ourselves at risk of having our identities stolen (by a rogue employee or a hacker) for a reason that just isn't really necessary and doesn't hold water as an excuse for handing over our financial information. Upwork can verify my address by myriad other methods. Insisting on my bank account number when they don't really need it is is very questionable.

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Mack D Member Since: Apr 26, 2017
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100% in agreement with you...

Why require the submission of financial information which will not be used for such a simple purpose as verifying "location"?

If a freelancer wants to use their bank account as their primary or secondary withdrawl method then they most certainly should be able to to do so but to force freelancers who do not want to use their bank account to give UpWork their bank account information is in my honest opinion "extortive" in nature when combined with the statement that if we do not comply that we would not be granted access to job opportunities which we are qualified for.

The best way for all of us to keep our private information and finances secure is to never provide financial information unless absolutely 100% necessary.

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Yedah M Member Since: Mar 24, 2015
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Such a bad idea from the point of view of a Freelancer that lives out os the US but works mainly wiht US/AU clients.


I feel the same as Isabella "Unfortunately for me, this hiring feature has the potential to limit the pool of decent clients even further (they're already becoming increasingly scarce on the site)."


I know many clients will choose the only US option in an uninformed way. Please don't tell me this will not accept our existing clients. We constantly need NEW clients.


Don't like where Upwork it's heading...

Community Guru
Robert James R Member Since: Apr 17, 2015
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@Yedah M wrote:

I know many clients will choose the only US option in an uninformed way. Please don't tell me this will not accept our existing clients. We constantly need NEW clients.


Don't like where Upwork it's heading...

They'll delete my comment but at this rate, Upwork will become a freelance platform that provides benefits if you're in America but gives you a disadvantage if you live outside of it. 


You know Upwork, for all the webinars you did on raising rates, you do realize its US clients who pay more per hour, right? The only reason I'm able to charge $40+ per hour is because 4/5 of my clients are from the US and the rest from EU or UK.


With this new move, you'll be limiting not just OUR earning potential but also Upwork's revenue.


Can't say I'm surprised, though. Like I said before, nice to see Upwork hasn't changed a bit.

Community Guru
Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Upwork, it's a bad idea to further segregate the US from other countries. And it is a bad idea to insist on people handing over their bank details, particularly as it is not really possible to entirely delete one's account, which may be necessary, the more one is curtailed.







Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Nichola,


Please note that with the location selection option, all Upwork clients will still have the option to post their job to our entire marketplace and work with freelancers from around the world.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Robert James,


I understand your concern but please note that it's not our intent to make Upwork a marketplace for only U.S. clients and freelancers, and we believe that giving clients more ability to filter freelancers will make them more apt to use Upwork for all their freelancing needs, including jobs where a freelancer’s location is doesn’t matter.

Our goal is not to exclude freelancers outside the U.S. from finding success through Upwork. We are proud of our global marketplace, which helps connect clients and freelancers from around the world so they can collaborate for projects.


However, we allow clients to search and hire based on a freelancer’s location because we recognize that some projects may require localized knowledge, work within certain time zones, or other factors that require the freelancer be in a specific location. By giving clients the ability to further target freelancers each time they post a job, we save them time and make Upwork a better place for all their freelancer needs, including jobs where a freelancer’s location doesn’t matter. Plus, when a client can set more criteria, freelancers don’t waste time submitting proposals and using Connects on jobs they won’t be considered for. Note: We are testing this feature out with new U.S. clients only. If it succeeds in bringing more clients (and job opportunities) to Upwork, we’ll look at expanding it in other countries.