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Top Rated freelancer program - now live

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Tamaz,


That is correct, the Top Rated category of the Community can only be accessed by Top Rated freelancers.You are welcome to participate in the discussion. Thank you!

~ Valeria
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Tamaz J Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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Thank you Valeria!

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Anait S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I would add this badge not only in the profile but also in the list of proposals beside the name of the applicant so that the client can immediately see which of the applicants are top rated without trying to find the badge by leaving the proposal page with the list.

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Sebastian N Member Since: Sep 22, 2015
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I have a question about the requirements for the Top Rated Badge.


On this page:


It says:


  • At least 30 days of work history on Upwork

How are those 30 days calculated?


For instance, if I take a fixed price contract, the deadline is in 2 weeks and I turn it in after 1 day because I just happened to have the time and who needs sleep, would this count as "1 day of work history"?


I signed up on Upwork 30 days ago, currently I meet these requirements:


  • 90%+ Job Success
  • $1,000+ 12-month earnings
  • No policy violations
  • 100% complete profile



  • Active on the platform in the past 90 days

Does that mean that I need to be a member for at least 3 months to get the Top Rated Badge? Or do I only have to be online at least once every 3 months?


Now I got my JSS and that means that I don't have the Rising Talent Badge anymore. Smiley Sad

So I'm looking to get this badge soon Smiley Very Happy

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Sebastian,


We have checked your account and it looks like you are just a few days away from becoming eligible for Top Rated badge. Your first day worked was September 23, so it hasn't yet been 30 days. You meet all the other requirements.


"Active on the platform in the past 90 days" means that users who were last active more than 90 days ago are not eligible for the Top Rated program.

~ Valeria
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Oscar G Member Since: Aug 7, 2015
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It's clear that the JSS has no real world validity and seems to be manipulated by some algorithm. As we all already know, most of us that are good professional freelancers have not the best JSS. 


JSS is not real success... if i complete a project.. and get paid.. thats success to me. Even if the client is not too happy... if the job was complete.. on budget and on time. It was a success.. Now, clients can not be happy and give me a low score review, which in return i would do my best to satisfy this costumer needs. However, i'm not going to bend over backward because im afraid of a imaginary success score made by a computer algorithm and not a real human being. Hence, JSS has no validity in the real world and it's more so a manipulation tool to put us great professional freelancers at the same level as all the other low cheapstakes. 


Sorry, just saying it how it is.


JSS Is NOT a real refleccion of our abilities and skills as freelancer. All this does is spread us more appart so we all compete at the same low level **edited for Community Guidelines**


I only hope Upwork learns from mistakes and correct them.

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Daniela V Member Since: Oct 7, 2015
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Why I am not Top Rated?

I meet all requirements.

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Branislav B Member Since: Dec 8, 2014
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@Daniela V


I had the same problem, and everyhting was fixed after


1 - I've changed my photo (don't think that was the reason)

2- Closed all my long term contracts that were open, but didn't had any work in last x months 


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Daniela V Member Since: Oct 7, 2015
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Actually I received an email from Upwork (20 days ago)


To qualify, your agency needs to:
1. Have an Agency Job Success Score of 90% or higher and if your agency owner has a Job Success score, it must also be 90% or higher. Your agency’s score is 95%.
2. Have earned $10,000 or more in the last 12 months. Your agency has earned $***** (my note: it is more than $10000).
3. Have a 100% complete agency owner profile and your agency members’ profiles should be an average of 60% complete. Your profile is 100% complete.
4. Have been actively working within the past 90 days. Your agency has been active in the last 90 days.
5. Have no recent account holds for agency owners or agency members. Your agency has recently had 0 suspensions.
Once you achieve all of the criteria, you’ll automatically be awarded Top Rated status. We look forward to welcoming you to the program!

And checking point by point everything looks ok.

Seems there are other nonlisted points.

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Felix P Member Since: Dec 3, 2015
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Why was my Top Rated Status removed because I did not take more tests (which by the way I have retaken all required English test and this problem persist.) and have a certificate? My job that I do for Upwork does not require certificates. I hope to get this issue restored so that I can continue working smoothly. Thanks for anyone response on. Smiley Happy