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Top Rated freelancer program - now live

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Pradeep K Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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Hi Garnor, 


I am really happy that oDesk is making all these changes I always wanted oDesk to get a more refined marketplace to work on. 


I have a concern, please let me know if it makes sense or not:

- I see that I am not a top rated freelancer on oDesk. I understand that I might have done some thing thats why i did not get this badge. 


Dont you feel that every body should get a fair chance? Should you count all these statics from the time you have launched this program?


I really feel that you should.. use new statics of freelancers to arive at "Job success" rate.


As i am working on odesk for past 3 years.. I have submitted refund many times.. many times I have only choosen to cancel my project. (As clients where not willing to pay properly. ) 


Now you have introduced a system where you cound and trak all this. Do you feel its justified. 


We always work with the flexibilities that a system provides. You counting all my past years mistakes and pulling me down to 80% job success rate is not very fair. 




I really feel that you should give every one a fair chance and trak these stats from the time you have launched this feature. 


I hope it will make sense to you. 


Looking for your reply,

Pradeep K. 

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Zemi M Member Since: Mar 28, 2014
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Hi sorry I wrote your name wrong @ Pradeep K


don't bother it doesn't have anything to do with it. I never refunded money in exchange for a better feedback.  I had only one client who frustrated me for a translation and I ended the contract because he downplayed my work and I didn't ask for payment (to be honest it was a small one 20 $). So my point is all my feedback are 100% true I never refunded in exchange for a better feedback but my success rate is still 88%. oDesk has their own value system I don't get it ether but we have to accept it.


here some of my stats: 

17 jobs

public feedback: 4.97 

- 11 ended contracts with 5.00 score ( 2 fixed price jobs and 9 hourly jobs all about 3-6 months with hourly rates from 10 - 15 $/h).

- 3 ended contracts with 4.00-5.00 score (2 fixed and one hourly but small amount of earning)

- 3 jobs in progress ( 2 of them long therm)

hours worked so far on odesk: more then 1500

earnings the last 12 months: more then 19.000 $

and all this from March 2014 until now.


so long story short I don't get it but there is not much we can do. 


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Michael Anthony C Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Why does mine say "You are almost top rated!" when I met all the requirements?

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Shrikrishna M Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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I do not see any legible reasons for persons profile to be 100% completed to earn this badge.


The past records of consistent & successfull performance should be enough, as per my analogy.


if this limitations is removed. I would be another lucky person haha Smiley Very Happy

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Donald P Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hello everyone.


Why is my rating decreasing, even though I haven't taken on any new jobs?

Community Guru
Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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The success rate is determined over jobs and other factors over a 24 and 12 month period. You can find how to improve your job success rate in you My Stats. I can't get to the links as it seems oDesk is having some issues on my end.

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Donald P Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Thank you very much!

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Umar M Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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I am so happy and proud to be a top rated freelancer. I love oDesk and love my customers who given me this top rated status. I will put my ontinuous efforts to maintain this status. Thanks a lot.

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Ann B Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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I don't really like the rules of this program - the top freelancers will keep being the top freelancers as they are the frist to get hired. So their level will be kept, and other freelancers could hardly get in the top, at least for earning $1000 a year. I know it from my experience on other sites with similar programs. Tops are always tops, and no other will get there.

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Amanur R Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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Hi Odesk


This is really a good programme to higlight successfull freelancers to the client. But I think some issue can come to play here like my below thoughts.


I think in the top rated programme many things didn't come to play which should have there I think. First thing

is that if any one earns 1000 $ in last 12 months then they fill one requirement.

But what if any one make almost 10000 $ in Last 12 Month and still he is not in the top rated because of only the

job success is not 90 % and very closer to that 90 %.

I have 84% Job success and I have earned almost 10000 $ in last 12 months.

I have also good feedback of 4.95 and in my whole carrer I have received only 3 bad feedback.

Another thing is that it the top rated programme number of hours is not in count here. some one have worked only

500 hours and someone have worked almost 3000 hours . They can't be same in terms of experience.

And number of hours is not in play here.

I have telling those cause I have seen many guys who have just started and got top rated and I have been working

for almost 3 to 4 years at odesk and I have not got the top rated.

so I think those things can come to play here.