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Upcoming Changes to Connects

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Velibor J Member Since: Nov 7, 2015
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I agree... 

I'm interested to know whether Upwork is going to protect my investment and actually stop the new and unprofessional clients from posting bogus jobs, with no verified payment method? And something else - does this mean that from now on, the clients will be charged $0.15, or whatever, to post their jobs? 

You also said that there's that "horrible" problem of clients being spammed with proposals? Dear god... this is a problem? And how does this solve the issue? 

Ok, let's say that it focuses the freelancers - I see a good job post(the one I'm willing to pay for to apply). Since I don't have the option anymore of applying to every job I think is interesting(because I'm a poor sod and don't have sufficient money), I'll focus on applying to the "best" jobs out there. But wait then, won't that just make EVERYBODY focus on the "the best job posts" and  lead to flooding of those job posts again? 


Also - Do I get my measily 15 cents back if my proposal is barely reviewed? Or if the client doesn't hire anybody for the job that's been posted(this happens a lot and is a waste of everyone's time)? 


Why does Upwork disrespect their freelancers so much? I'm sure that there are people out there that bring tens of thousands of dollars to you and you're going to make them pay the measily 15 cents to apply to jobs they dub interesting? Isn't that a huge slap in the face to them? Do you REALLY need their 15 cents that much? No? I didn't think so.



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Jacquie D Member Since: Jan 11, 2019
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Unfortunately on other sites where this has become the policy, it generally
leads to hire dissatisfaction.
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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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While this might be correct, I can assure you that it won't necessarily have the same impact on Upwork (the reverse is actually going to be the case).

Between that site and Upwork, a lot of variables are not constant.

For instance, I don't think they are nearly as overflooded with freelancers as Upwork currently is.


Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Shilpa, thanks for reaching out to us with these questions.


Shilpa K wrote:


1) Will Private mode for profiles will be axed since everyone will be charged for connects?

1. If you're referring to automatically setting freelancer's profile visibility to private and not displaying their profile in search results if they haven’t earned on Upwork for 30 days, this process will not be affected by the Connects changes and will remain active.


2) Will number of hours worked on Fixed Pay(Budget) job show in the profile(This is not there now)[Good to have since we do spend time on these jobs that go unnoticed in the profile]

2. Only time logged on Hourly contracts will continue to be reflected in the hours worked metric.


3) There is a percentage of the fee that goes toward Upwork from what is earned, will this fee be decreased(if not wouldn't that count as users paying twice like while we buy credits plus a portion from what we earned)?

3. We don't have any plans for changing the Upwork service fee structure.

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Alexander N Member Since: Dec 28, 2008
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Here's a devilish proposal - let freelancer bid with the number of connects! Affecting the ranking of his proposal in the list the client sees. Starting with 0 (resulting in a proposal which is hidden by default - a client needs to look 'under the hood' to see) and up to say 100. Those who bid higher, get higher spots. That simple. If people write spam proposals and bid high - they will quickly run out of money not getting any projects and that's it. Normal professionals will just always blindly bid 100 to never worry about their visilbility.

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Anton P Member Since: Apr 21, 2016
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When connect will cost 0.15$ one? Now I can buy one for 1.00$!

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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Yes, you can buy connects for $1 each now, but most never do because they get 60 for free.

This change actually does make connects more expensive.


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Navin N Member Since: May 14, 2019
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The most ridiculas thing about this is that you are saying it for the betterment of freenceler. You take 20% cut from every job, then charge another fee for sending my money from your site to my bank account. After that you charge for connect and say its for my own good. I have started creating profiles in upwork alternatives, and if this is what you meant its for my betterment, I really thank you for this.


I do agree that this will lead to less number of proposals and more likelyhood of getting selected. But what is the point of working here if 25-30% goes to upwork. Reduce the 20% cut you are taking to 10% and implement this and then say you care for freelancers.


Do you know that there are clients who just post the job and won't hire anybody? When looking at clients history I have seen clients with a hire rate less than 50. I wonder which freelancer is going to spend $.30 on such clients and I have never seen a job posting which requires only one connect. Wonder where they are hiding.

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Debora F Member Since: Nov 3, 2010
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According to the changes coming soon, we have to pay for applying and sending a proposal. 


As I'm specialized in specific topics, in specific fields of expertice, I'd like, and I ask Upwork to check/ ask clients to post detailed jobs. Is not enough to ask for "writers" or "translators", because I can´t apply if I don´t know the topic. 

I completed my specialized Profiles, and my Profile is clear about my Profession and skills but most of the clients don´t check it. Some of them just ask "freelancers with the lower rates". 

So, please, add an item about "topic" or "field" required.

I understand that Upwork´s interest is getting a lot of proposals (if we pay for them) but sometimes we can´t apply if we don´t know what the clients needs.

Thank you

Débora F.  

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi all,


Thanks for sharing your questions and feedback. As of 5/13, we have begun to notify users who are being rolled into the new Connects experience. In order to better manage your feedback and questions we are closing this thread and would like to invite you to share your feedback on the new thread here, where you can also find answers to many of the questions that have been asked.