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Jul 09, 2021
Updated List of Webinar Recordings

Upwork webinars and virtual events are created to deliver a range of helpful information to new talent and experienced freelancers and agencies. Topics range from getting started tips for new talent to business growth webinars. These webinars are usually hosted by Upwork Ambassadors and the Upwork team.  


Below are recordings from our previous events. The list will be updated regularly. 

  • You can watch the recording by clicking on the links below. To access some recordings, you may need to fill out the registration form with your name and email.
  • If you want to join a live webinar, visit our Webinars & Online Events calendar.


New User Webinars:


  • Freelancers- Beginning Your Freelancing Journey on Upwork - English
    Learn how to make your profile stand out, discover tips on how to submit a proposal, and hear how to build your reputation and ratings.

  • Clients- Growing your Business with Upwork- English
    Learn how to select the best freelancer for your project, find out how to plan for timely delivery of results, hear tips on how to manage quality and see how to fund and pay your freelancer. To access this webinar, please use this passcode: +Z!T1qo2


Webinars & Workshops:


  • Winning Profiles Webinar - English
    Understand the benefits of a great profile. Leverage tips from successful freelancers for all sections of your profile to help you stand out and win more projects. Webinar recording also available in: Serbian, Ukrainian

  • Proposals That Sell - English
    Increase your chances to win more projects by learning how to grab clients’ attention with a customized proposal. Webinar recording also available in: Russian

  • Trends & Best Practices for Designers & Creatives - English
    Learn how to stand out as a creative freelancer on Upwork by making the most out of your profile and portfolio.

  • Starting Your Agency on Upwork- English
    Learn the key differences between using Upwork as a freelancer and as an agency. Find out about the functionalities for agency accounts on Upwork and whether creating and running an agency account is for you. Webinar recording also available in: Russian

  • Professional Best Practices on Upwork -English
    Learn how you can set up your business properly and stay safe on Upwork. This includes topics such as best practices to consider when setting up your business, tips for building a profitable business from Top Rated freelancers, and recommendations for staying safe on Upwork.


  • Project Catalog Webinar - English
    Learn how to create a project, how to best utilize Project Catalog™ for your independent business, as well as get some best practices and helpful resources.


Expert Talks & Masterclasses:


  • Upwork Expert Panel: The Client Experience- English
    Our guest speakers are Douglas Spencer, president of Spencer Brenneman, LLC, and Jacob Zeitzew, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Butler: App. They share personal experiences to help you understand what clients look for during the hiring process

  • Upwork Expert Talk: Setting Your Freelance Business up for Success- English
    Our guest expert, Alon Nahmana, is the founder and CEO of BoostMe. In this Expert Talk Alon shares his insights on how to hone your proposals and create a profile that draws clients to you, and how to develop skills to improve your image.

  • Upwork Expert Talk: Honing Your Proposals & Winning Interviews- English
    Our guest speaker, Paul Hunkin, is a Top Rated Plus software developer and project architect on Upwork. Paul has helped build everything from high-performance big data systems to complex web applications to 3D rendering engines, working alone or as part of a team.

  • Upwork Expert Talk: Personal Marketing Strategies- English
    Top Rated freelancers and Upwork Ambassadors Neal Strauss and Catalin Modorcea share important marketing principles and reveal how a personal marketing strategy can help you stand out on the work marketplace.

  • Upwork Expert Talk: Exploring the Upwork Journey with Top Rated Talent- English
    Our Top Rated talent panel, Anouk K. in Germany, Ross Jenkins in the UK, and Felice Della Gatta in Italy, join us to talk about how their journeys on Upwork have evolved and what they’ve learned along the way.

  • Upwork Expert Talk: Increase Your Income by Showing Clients the Real You- English
    Our guest expert, Martine De Luna, is a certified transformational coach. In this Expert Talk she helps you identify what makes you unique and describe it effectively so that potential clients will understand what's special about your services.
  • Top Talent Masterclass: How to Stand Out with an Introduction Video- English
    Josh Burns, DBA and Data Engineer freelancer on Upwork andTech YouTube channel blogger, shows how to give yourself a slight edge over other freelancers and add an additional component to your long-term success. Watch this if you’re ready to stand out with a new Upwork profile video.

  • Top Talent Masterclass: Attract, Convert, Keep: Three Pillars for Six-Figure Success - English
    With a freelancing career spanning over 15 years and earnings over $2 million, Mike Volkin is a freelancing expert. As the Creative Chief Marketing Officer and Lead Instructor of Freelancer Masterclass, he believes that attracting, converting, and keeping clients are the three pillars for six-figure success. In this session Mike shares his tips with independent professionals for how to identify which clients you want to attract, how to get more invites on Upwork, how to avoid common pitfalls, and much more.

  • Top Talent Masterclass: Elements of a Winning Proposal, in 2021 and Beyond - English
    Freelance copywriter and six-figure earner on Upwork, Danny Margulies, reveals the elements needed to write a winning proposal in 2021. You’ll also hear the top tips and strategies Danny regularly shares with hundreds of thousands of independent professionals all over the world and learn how to put your new knowledge into action.

  • Top Talent Masterclass: Make More Money by Mastering Your Mindset - English
    A copywriter with 20 years of experience and founder at Successful Freelance Mom, Abbi shares her insights and tips on leveling up, mastering your mindset, and creating a place for yourself as an independent professional on Upwork.