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Updates to Payment Methods for non-US based freelancers

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Eldin R Member Since: Mar 15, 2016
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Any updates to Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens? We're probably forgotten anywhere in the world.


Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Eldin,


There are a few payment methods currently available to users in Bosnia and Herzegovina including Payoneer and US Wire transfer. We continue working on finding more options for the freelancers to access their earnings.

~ Valeria
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Arous S Member Since: Oct 31, 2015
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In Tunisia where I live:
- PayPal is not available (and will not)
- direct deposit not available ( it was years ago)
- payoneer stopped sending cards to our country
So the message from stopping skrilI is" be american or pay more" , thanks
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Alexei D Member Since: Jan 3, 2017
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So sad Belarus is not in the list of "Direct to Local Bank Account" option. We are left with Payoneer and Wire Transfer. Later is too costly for small amounts.

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Alexei D Member Since: Jan 3, 2017
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Anyone informed from Upwork, maybe you have an idea when Direct to Local Bank Transfer for Belarus may be possible? Payoneer is nice, but absence of 3D secure and around 5% added losses on fees is painful. Already discussed it with Support and they have no information on that.


What's the problem after all? Maybe I miss something and Payoneer is a savior of the freelance world, but from my perspective it's an overhead. I pay taxes as a self-employed individual, my bank provides IBAN account (USD/EUR/BYN/RUB), there are no limitations or fees for receipt of funds. Why use Payoneer?

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Vasyl N Member Since: Sep 12, 2018
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Please, turn back skrill!

For many countries it is only one normal way to withdraw money.