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Updates to Showing Active Earners in Search Results

Community Manager

As we originally announced, profiles of freelancers who don’t earn on Upwork for a period of time are set to private. Freelancers can keep their profile public regardless of their earnings by subscribing to Freelancer Plus Membership and also have access to free options to turn their profile status back to public.


A few things have changed since this program was introduced almost two years ago, more importantly we have expanded our ID verification programs. We have also collected a lot of valuable feedback here in the Community and from other channels. As a result, we’ve made some adjustments to the program by increasing the period of time freelancers can go without earning before their profiles are set to private. 


Profiles of freelancers with a history of earnings on the platform will remain public unless they have not earned in more than 2 years. This will benefit freelancers who are active but may work on contracts with milestones that take several months or longer to complete. Profiles of new freelancers who haven’t earned on Upwork will be set to private after 90 days.


Freelancers will still be able to subscribe to a Freelancer Plus Membership if they don’t want their profile to be set to private if they don’t earn. Freelancers will also be able to request Upwork Customer Support to reset their profile visibility for free, as they have in the past.