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Updates to highlight Enterprise opportunities

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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In case you missed it here on our blog, we're launching some updates to help freelancers better identify opportunities coming from Enterprise clients hiring on Upwork. 


Specifically, you'll see the following changes:

  1. Job posts will show an Enterprise badge in Search results.
  2. Invitations and other onboarding notifications will clearly note "Upwork enterprise" in the heading and other areas of the email.


Check out our blog post for more information, and to get a glimpse of the badge so you know what to look for! Here's a bit more information in our Help Center as well.

Community Guru
Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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Thanks for the information, and for the coordination of announcement, blog post, and documentation.


Pursuant to our recent conversations, allow me to suggest a bit of misplaced emphasis.


Rhetorical question: Why would I expect to find or look for operational news first on your blog, which I understand to be a marketing tool?


Modest expectation:

  • Announcements: We're launching some updates....Check out our blog post [link] for more information....[and why not include the badge?]
  • Blog post: As we recently announced [link to Official Upwork>Announcements], we're launching some updates....This post includes more information....

Should not Announcements and Help Center be the primary and simultaneous venues for new feature announcements, with the blog post in a secondary or supplementary role, or when changes are deemed to have specific marketing value?