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Apr 04, 2022
Upwork Academy is Here! (V1)

We are excited to announce the soft launch of Upwork Academy! After months of research, planning, and creating, we are pleased to share our first five courses. In its current state, the academy content is geared to those starting their Upwork journey, but as we expand, we hope to open up our content to become more relevant for people at all stages in their Upwork journey. 


Upwork Academy will be the new home for information, resources, and support for all users on the platform—here we’ll provide tools for success to help you build and grow your business. Through our easily accessible and interactive suite of trainings and resources, on-demand content, Academy courses, featured events, group coaching, and much more, we hope that Academy becomes a space for our Upwork Community to excel, improve, and collaborate. 


We’re so excited to have you join us, and we’ll see you soon in Academy! 


Current State

After rigorous rounds of user testing, we are currently offering courses on the following topics:

  • Creating your Profile
  • Crafting your Profile Title & Overview
  • Building your Portfolio
  • Finding Work
  • Submitting Proposals


If you’re new to Upwork, you may have already received a message from our team sharing the courses available in the Upwork Academy within the last few weeks. We’ve been working across the organization to find opportunities to bring new folks into Academy to help them succeed.


We are also collecting ongoing feedback on ways to improve our courses. Once you have completed a course, if you’d like to provide feedback please submit it via this google survey. 


Future State

We’ll be fully launching Academy in late May, and later this year, we’ll be expanding course offerings beyond new to Upwork content to ensure we address pain points of Upworkers at all stages. 


In a fast follow, we are working on our “Staying Safe on Upwork” course, a course aimed to educate new users about Scam tactics, with our Trust and Safety team that we hope to release in mid-May. We know this is an important issue and are looking forward to being able to help educate safety tips. 


We appreciate your continued interest and ongoing feedback to help us build a strong Upwork Academy!