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Re: Upwork has transitioned from a private to public company

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Teddi B Member Since: Aug 2, 2015
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Congratulations Upwork!

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Zakir H Member Since: Dec 24, 2016
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That's good to know, Congratulations Upwork !!!
Can a freelancer purchase some stock from it ??

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Shailja K Member Since: Oct 3, 2018
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Congratulations. It's been a wonderful journey and I've enjoyed every minute of working here. 

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sadae d Member Since: Sep 13, 2015
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I'm glad to be a part of this community. Smiley Happy

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Mohamed M Member Since: May 21, 2017
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Congratulations ! 
May this success lead to a greater achievement in the years to come. Congratulations for present and upcoming successes.

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Tetiana I Member Since: Apr 18, 2016
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Congratulations! Let bull be with you! You are the best, guys!)

Just want to ask one thing: please, do not forget your sincere freelancers while trying to please the market. Smiley Wink


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Ambereen Z Member Since: Apr 27, 2016
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Congratulations and I wish to include me in your future campaign. Wish you all the best.
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Sabrin A Member Since: Oct 28, 2017
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Awesome!!! Who are the 228 freelancers? Can we maybe get a list, I know all of us Top Rated freelancers were approached to be features in the ad, but of course not everyone made the cut.



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Javanshir S Member Since: Dec 29, 2017
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Ian Val D Member Since: Sep 28, 2017
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