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Re: Upwork has transitioned from a private to public company

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Cheryl K Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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The stock is currently only trading on reserve right now.


I've reserved my shares.


Just curious if anyone else bought in today.

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Vladyslav V Member Since: Jun 26, 2015
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Where did you reserve from?

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Syed Muhammad Umer R Member Since: Mar 11, 2016
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I am a top rated and maintaining 100% job success score. Please add me in your books :’D
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Grace Florencia M Member Since: Sep 12, 2008
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Congratulations Upwork!


So proud to be part of this community - 10 years and counting!

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Honey E Member Since: Oct 3, 2018
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Mohammed Mainur R Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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Maria Nida C Member Since: Jun 24, 2014
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This news woke me up! I hope we'll have a way to invest part of our earnings through stocks because I believe this move is a significant milestone that can propel Upwork to new heights. In this regard, I want to join this company in its success and at the same time earn, too!

Community Guru
Jody P Member Since: Aug 1, 2017
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Hi Lena,


Thank you for your post.


I am wishing all of you the very best in health and prosperity as you transition to a public company. I am excited about your IPO and I have already made plans to start investing myself as I see a very bright future for Upwork.


Thank you for providing such a great platform: I consider it an honor to be both a freelancer and client.




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Maria Nida C Member Since: Jun 24, 2014
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Do you know any broker if people outside the US want to invest? Thanks

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Michael K Member Since: Mar 17, 2018
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Congratulations! #UpworkTogether