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Re: Upwork has transitioned from a private to public company

Community Manager
Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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We are excited to share the news that today Upwork became a public company.  We are so grateful and appreciative of the freelancers and clients who sailed this journey with us and believe in Upwork and our role in the future of work. You are helping us fulfill our vision of a world where people can work without limits.


As an Upwork customer you may be wondering how this news may change the Upwork platform. The move from a private company to a public one will not change how Upwork operates. Your experience stays the same and we are not considering any pricing or fee changes at this time.  We’re committed to our mission of creating more economic opportunities so people have better lives. This public offering will allow us to continue to invest in our business and our mission.


We are extremely proud of this moment, and we hope you share this pride alongside us. At Nasdaq today, we brought you with us as we celebrate, knowing our users are the core of our business. This would not have been possible without all of you. We are only successful if you are. This is truly a joint effort.



Also check out this blog post about our ad campaign in Times Square, NY, featuring freelancers.

Click here to read our blog post, which includes a letter from our CEO Stephane Kasriel.


From all of us at Upwork, Thank you!

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Vladyslav V Member Since: Jun 26, 2015
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Are there any direct stock purchase plans for Upwork community members willing to purchase stocks of their much loved job broker? :-)

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Vladislav and Zakir


Thanks for reaching out. Upwork stock is available for purchase via the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol, UPWK.

~ Valeria
Community Guru
Cheryl K Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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Actually you can only get it on reserve at this point.

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Sheila Mae M Member Since: Nov 7, 2017
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Hi. This is good news! Congratulations Upwork and to all of us! How much is the cost per share in purchasing stock?
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Serg L Member Since: Sep 26, 2017
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Hi Vladislav, I'm joining to your idea! It's best question. We gotta lauch it with #.

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Denis I Member Since: Apr 4, 2016
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228 professionals says the blog post. Who were they? Was I in there?)

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Denis, Anela, Ambereen, Sabrin and others, 


We occasionally send invitations asking Top Rated freelancers if they’d like to be included in Upwork advertising. If you are Top Rated, you may be invited in the future. Note: If you want to be sure to not miss an invite, make sure you haven’t opted out of receiving marketing emails from us. Email to confirm your subscription status and/or get opted-in.

~ Valeria
Ace Contributor
Paul E Member Since: Apr 3, 2018
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Hi Valeria, How do we know if we were included in the 228 profiessionals ad? I was invited to be part of the process, shortly after I got my Top Rated stautus, but how do we know if we were selected for this Times square announcement? Thanks! Smiley Happy 

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Paul.


Thanks for reaching out and for providing us with permission to use your image. You can find details on the ad campaign currently running in Times Square here. We’ll email freelancers that were featured a link to find themselves in a video by October 5, 2018. We received an overwhelming amount of responses and were not able to include a majority of the freelancers that granted permission due to limited space. But we'll do our best to feature you in future campaigns.

~ Valeria