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Apr 04, 2022
User Agreement and ToS Updates | 4/2022

We have updated our User Agreement and Terms of Use to make them even clearer and more user-friendly (less legalese!). You can find the updated Terms of Use here. The updated User Agreement will go into effect on May 1st and can be found here. In addition to making both documents more readable, we have also made the following changes to our User Agreement, effective May 1st:


  • We have updated the way we describe the fees clients pay for using Upwork's services (Section 5.2)
  • We're simplifying the way we calculate the fee users can pay if they met on Upwork but would like to take their work
    relationship away from Upwork before 2 years have passed. If users have had a work relationship that is over 2 years old, then they pay a nominal $1 conversion fee for administrative purposes (Section 7)*
  • We updated our arbitration provision to account for changes in the law that may affect the arbitrability of some claims (Section 14)

You agree to these updated agreements by accessing our Site anytime after these updates have gone into effect. We hope these updates provide further clarity to our users, but please reach out to support if you have any questions or need assistance.

*Updated on 9/28/2022