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Re: Bangladeshi Group

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Meraj U Member Since: Oct 2, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am a new Freelancer. I want to join with u all of guyz and need help for learning and earning money from here. Please my Bangladeshi all brothers please give me some tips and trick for earning money from here.


Thanks/Best Regards


Md. Meraj Uddin


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Mokabbir S Member Since: Feb 9, 2018

Hi Mr. Rashedul,

I am new in Upwork. I just got paid for a task and I want to wire transfer the amount. However, I can't setup my payment preference because Trust Bank Ltd. is not supported by Upwork. I need to know how other Bangladeshi freelancers are getting paid. Thank you.



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Aminur I Member Since: Apr 21, 2016

Hi, brother I want to help from you that my up work id is already  closed from up work team.Have any solution from you to open my account?

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Rijvi Ahamed S Member Since: Sep 18, 2017

My ID suspend.


What can I do?Smiley Sad

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Faysal A Member Since: Nov 10, 2018

 I am New,Please wish me and do support me

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ABDUR RAHIM B Member Since: Apr 29, 2019

Hello everyone, 


I've completed my profile. But I am getting reject like 8-9 times, I already change my profile to explain more my employment history, skill and overview to reflect more my skills and experience.


I check in the search profile to find people from my same country and there are not many and also checking my skills compare to another like "front-end", there are not many with my skills so I don't think is related to overcrowded skills.


The usual email notification:

Thank you for your interest in joining Upwork. We have reviewed your application to join, and regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your Upwork freelancer registration at this time. Please do not consider this a reflection of your abilities – while we would like to offer every qualified freelancer a spot, admission is highly competitive as Upwork receives more than ....


Maybe my account is rejected automatically by automated bot after 24h?


My Profile:


Could anyone please give me an advice?



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Sultan A Member Since: May 7, 2019

Dear Bhaia, 

Ramadan Mubarak. I like to start work with upwork. But I am not able to understand for my compitency. Because I have no experience here. I like to disscuss about my proficincy. Would you please help me on this????

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Ayrin N Member Since: Aug 13, 2019
Thanks for group opening
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Irany H Member Since: Jul 18, 2017
Hello guys,, i have completed MBA on Accounting under National University and so same hons. too. i had opened up a profile on upwork about 1 year ago. I want to work up with my base subjec. It's really hard to find a job here. If anyone work based on accounting,,,please give some tips for me to get a job.
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Muhammad Y Member Since: Oct 8, 2018
Hi Bro.

its very good to you have done MBA on Accounting First of all you should
complete 100% profile and submit certificate on upwork.

Next step: you learn Quickbook, Peachtree. its very easy for you.

Third Step: You should try to work on Fiverr. there you make a gig about
your professional on cheapest rate.

Insha-Allah you will be done very quickly.

Muhammad Yaseen