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Best Payment Method to Sri Lanka

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Lilanthi J Member Since: Jul 20, 2014
Hi Fellow Sri Lankans, I am new to oDesk and I have to set up a payment method ASAP. Please let me know what methods can be used to withdraw payments in Sri Lanka. Wire Transfers are not possible because of the fee. Is anyone using PayPal or any other methods? Is it safe? How do I set it up and link the account to a local bank here in Sri Lanka? Thanks in advance for your help and advice. Lilanthi
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Kavindu L Member Since: Dec 8, 2014



I am also Srilankan Seller, 


Never Use Paypal as your Payment metherd becouse we can't take money from paypal. ( paypal not Support for srilankance for take money ) But if you want buy something from ebay I think you can use it.


So you Must Withdraw your money to payneer debit Card , it is very esy methrod & payneer debit Card Support for every Srilankan Teller Machine..  Smiley Happy



Thank you

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Arosha R Member Since: Feb 11, 2015

I'm using a Payoneer debuit card. However please read and understand the Payoneer charges.


They charge,


Each Transaction

Each Balance check

Monthly fee

Card activation fee

Each time you request for an amount which is not available.


Also be careful when calculating from USD to LKR. Payoneer does not pay the exact rate which is there on that day. Unfortunately, it's much less.


Sadly paypal and Wire transfers are not available for Sri Lankans.

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Malithi W Member Since: Apr 15, 2013

Hi Lilanthi, I'm not sure if this reply comes a bit late. May be by now you've found the best method for you.


But here're my two cents. I'm using skril ( for my oDesk transactions and it works fine. The fees are a bit higher than those of PayPal but other than that, I've never come across a problem with them.


Hope this helps,




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Jeffry E Member Since: Jul 17, 2015

I not know how to get the exact dollar amount to verify my debit card account. Can you help me out.

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Rattu K Member Since: Jul 3, 2017

I cant add my skriil account to upwork. Can you help me please?

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Shehan F Member Since: Aug 10, 2015

Hi Rattu, Skrill is no longer available as a payment method on Upwork. 


Please check this thread -


You can use "Direct to Local Bank", "Payoneer", "USD Wire Transfer" to withdraw funds from Upwork. 

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi Rattu,


I can confirm the information Shehan shared. Additionally, please upload a different, professional photo to your profile.

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Shehan F Member Since: Aug 10, 2015

Hello my fellow Sri Lankan Upworkers, I'm about to tell you guys the method I use to withdraw funds from Upwork.

First create a Skrill account ( please try to verify the account and also make sure you create this account in US dollars). Next add your RFC bank account to your Skrill account. Then add the Skrill account to Upwork.

If you don't have a RFC account here's how to create one -

First go to Upwork's Reports section and go to More Reports and download the Certificate of earnings and get a hard copy of it. Then go to your preferred bank ( you can try any other bank but according to research BOC seems to be the best ) and create a RFC account showing the hard copy of the Certificate of earnings ( usually $100 is required to open a RFC account but if we show this document we can open one for free). You will be getting a debit card as well. And also make sure you all create an online banking account as well. The first benefit of creating a RFC account is that this account will be maintained in dollars (or any other currency you prefer) and not in rupees and if we withdraw dollars from skrill the same dollar amount will be credited to your RFC account within 2-5 days ( it usually comes in 2 days time). And the second benefit you have is that you can withdraw money in rupees when the exchange rates are high. And the third benefit is that these are tax free..Smiley Happy

Here's the Breakdown of the withdrawal fees ($4.29)-

Upwork to Skrill - $1

Skrill to RFC - $ 3.29

I strongly believe that this is the cheapest and easiest method to withdraw funds to Sri Lanka. Let me know if you all have any questions. Thanks.


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Deborah C Member Since: Oct 20, 2015

Hi I am Deborah. I joined Elance at first and then transferred to Upwork. With elance the first withdrawal was free, while for a second withdrawal I was charge 5$ from my earnings,


But with Upwork for a TT to my bank in Sri Lanka they charge 30$ per withdrawal which is a huge amount to me.


Could you kindly let me know how I could get about not losing this 30$.


Thank you and kind regards,