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Can Upwork give a chance to someone with suspended profile due to submitting high number of proposal

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Muhammad J Member Since: Feb 25, 2019


My account has been susppended due to submitting 11 proposals in less than a week.

I got respond from 2 clients only but none of them rewarded any project.

One of the client assured me that he will award 2 projects after easter due to some issue of his wages.


I have a good track record before and have done all jobs with 5 star rating.


Actually due to my day job I wasn't using upwork from a long time but now my brother has graduated and he wanted to get Unity jobs on upwork.

There were 60 connects available so he thought he can submit some proposals.

He submitted proposals on those jobs that were posted 7-9 days ago on the very first and second day because of his extra excitement of working on upwork.


He apologised for what he did and I had requested upwork as well resume my upwork profile and give me a chance.


I'll make sure that this will never happen again. So kindly its a request, remove suspension from my account. 

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Leandro S Member Since: Jan 11, 2019

Hi! I have the same problem. Let me know if you solved it
Good luck!

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Muhammad J Member Since: Feb 25, 2019

I have'nt got any response from upwork team and i'm still waiting for their reply

Community Guru
Juvy Ann P Member Since: Oct 29, 2015

There seems to be no way to verify whether what you have written in your post is true or not so I am not in the best position to judge the truth about your assertions, Muhammad.  In fact, I don't understand why, each time I try to use the mouse, I see this square white thing with options to inspect like someone is trying to frame me up as a hacker.  People can be rashly judgmental and throw accusations to certain vulnerable individuals like they are traitors, bank robbers or terrorists or communists or cruel to animals just because an individual graduated a Biology degree accusing that people who do green science are up to slaughtering animals at every occasion possible.  Hey, did I dissect a cat? There is even a police woman trying to conduct an investigation with me via a mobile phone and someone puts broken glasses in the trash bag that is intended for plastics only.  I think that these people, if there is malice in their hypothalamus, are desperate to put words in my mouth so I can be put to jail while they get to reap a bountiful harvest of what I worked on.

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Muhammad J Member Since: Feb 25, 2019

Hi Juvy,

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate that you responded.

First of all you can check my record that I have'nt done anything negative before and why would I lie to you guys knowing that upwork has helped me during the worst time of my life. 


You can check my record that I have worked on 4 projects and almost all those projects were related to Jet Api and I ended working in 2016 and you can check the date of my last project i.e. jan 13, 2016. But now my brother has submitted all proposals for unity game development only and there is a huge difference between jet Api and unity game development. 


Its just a matter of submitting high proposals i.e. 11 proposals in a week. I can only request you now and even I apologised for what my brother did and I will make sure that this will never ever happen again just give me a last chance please. Juvy I assure you that I will not disappoint upwork in future at all. Please try to reconsider my request.

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Munish S Member Since: Mar 2, 2018

My Account suspended as well. Tried every thing but Upwork support people live inclosed doors with 1000ft wall between them and freelancer and deaf ears, due to which they never care to listen ther wall side problem. Realling disappointed with upwork such an dumb ass people work there.