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HELP: Need recommendations which ISP provider should I go to

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Maryknoll M Member Since: Aug 24, 2015

Hello, Upwork Philippines Community!


Pwede po ba mag-ask if meron kayong marerecommend na ISP for me?


I am going to transfer to Laguna District 4 area and would like to get recommendations kung saang ISP ako pupunta and what kind of plan to apply if I am regularly working online. Yung place na nirerentahan ko sa Manila is subscribed to Globe. Pero as what I saw sa promos nila, may data cap sila.


I dont know where to go to get advice. I talked to some Globe sales agents but I dont trust them kasi when I asked about their data cap, they didnt know what that means.


Thank you po in advance sa mga maglalaan ng oras para mabasa 'to.

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Alvin G Member Since: Mar 22, 2015

Hi Maryknoll,


Check if what is the dominant ISP provider in your area. In my case, there are PLDT, Globe SkyCable and Bayan. I picked PLDT (DSL Plan 990). They are very reliable here in our area and didn't fail me so far. 


For Data Capping, go to wired plans such as DSL, they don't have that one in my plan and I can use the internet as much as I want. If you are regularly working online and always stay inside your house, a DSL plan is the perfect one for you. Otherwise, go to pocket WIFIs. 


Now, if you finally decided to apply for PLDT DSL plan, here are the things that could help:


1. For faster transactions, go to your nearest PLDT branch and just ask on their sales regarding your application for the plan.


2. Prepare required requirements such as government issued IDs and proof of billings.


3. Fill-out your DSL subsciption form.


4. Submit them to the sales person you talked earlier.


5. For the payment, sorry but I really forgot how much, but as far as I remember, it will cost you less than 3,000 for this (including installment fees, etc). Just verify them how much to be sure.


6. Connection ranges from 10-15 days after payment



The bottomline:


if you are willing to wait for 10-15 days, and looking for "no capping" issues, I suggest PLDT they are the best provider so far (you may also ask their Smartbro, quicker installation than DSL but not sure if they also cap). But if you can't wait that long and badly needed an internet connection, go to pocket wifis, Smart would be better since it has a larger data cap limit. But still, it depends on your signal coverage and your preferences.


Hope this helps.



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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015

You were right in suspecting the person that told you he/she didn't know about any data caps. Their own sales person DOESN'T KNOW about the data cap from the company they work for?!! Honestly, when did the phone companyies stop talking to their employees?!! Either that person is completely new to the wonderful world of online dating or they're lying right to your face. I'm betting on the lying!!


I agree with Alvin. Go after a PLDT connection. No data caps like ALL the others have. Said data caps are annoying at best to outright useless and insulting at the worst end of it. ALL the others have a data cap because they're ALL pretty much piggybacking on PLDT. A friend of mine that works in a call center was the one telling me this.


Alvin also has it mostly right about the pocket Wi-Fi device. The missing part is to make sure the pocket Wi-Fi device AND the SIM are 4G/LTE. Otherwise, you might not like the speed so much. Then again, this also depends on your location and how truly remote it is. I have used a pocket Wi-Fi device in a mountain location and got pretty good speed and had a decent time with it. It takes about 1 hour to get to the location I was in and it's ROUGH RIDING to get there. So yeah, I'm "out there" in terms of remote. But it worked nicely!! Had a skype video call going without problems for a couple of hours using that thing. Then gaming. Worked nicely.



The other missing part is you should have both the recommended PLDT AND the pocket Wi-Fi device. I do. PLDT is pretty good and has a high stability rate (IMO). But it DOES fail every so often. It's days like that where the pocket Wi-Fi comes in handy as a nice backup connection. Situation dependant of course. If the electricity goes out, a pocket Wi-Fi device is only going to help you just so much (no electricity = no PC and things liek that)!!


I have a pocket Wi-Fi device (Globe) with a couple of 4G SIMs. The 2nd SIM was given to me for free!! hahahaha


So if I suspect my connection will be down for more than a couple of hours, I spend 100 PHP (in total) to load one of my Globe SIMs and use it on the 99PHP promo. 3 Days or 500MB, whichever comes first. It's a super sucky data cap but it's just a backup connection. So I'm still ok with it.


One of these days I'll figure out a method to get around such a puny data cap!! But do note that ALL the ISPs except PLDT have a data cap. Anyone currently telling you otherwise is either new to bowling, has no idea what they're talking about, or is in fact outright lying to you.

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Maria Marilyn M Member Since: Oct 27, 2010

PLDT DSL (the copper wire one) and not Fibr or Ultera is still best. I've read that there is a cap even for Ultera and Fibr plans.