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Identity Verification After a Storm

Community Guru
Juvy Ann P Member Since: Oct 29, 2015

A few minutes ago, my son and I had to leave the house as we needed to buy some biscuits from a store nearby.  The thing about the doors in the house is that wood molecules tend to expand when there's heavy rain contributing to a cold temperature that induces such an effect that it is almost impossible to predict when it will be opened and when it will be closed.  When we went back, we realized that no matter what we did we simply were locked out of the house.


The guards on duty helped us out -- one delegated the task to another guard who came to inspect the door and then decided to come back with a ladder to try the fire escape.  His response triggered my son to ask me if the guard is a fireman.  He did come back as he promised.  He risked his life in verifying our location particularly the items that are stored in the second floor as well the roof condition (probably).


The super typhoon "Ompong" has left us already although I can still vividly recall that for a storm categorized as "Signal No. 1", that was the first time that I thought the roof was going to be blown away as the wind came fiercely.  I could hear that the whooshy wind was rather noisier than usual.  I had to turn the transistor radio on (as I experienced 4 short, intermittent power interruptions yesterday) in order to get some storm updates.  I felt dizzy and thought that even my antivirus software contained a code warning me to stay away from the windows.  It read somewhat like C:[back slash]none….fhrkskllalla....[back slash]Windows[back slash] -- well this is just a rough estimate.


The water supply was not really affected. Nevertheless, we consumed what we initially stored for our drinking and household needs while the storm was in progress.


I am grateful to the security guard who led the identity verification procedure.  I may not realize it but my school supply business, the annex to my online business, might be causing my neighbors and, possibly, the Subdivision Administrator, to think that I am trying to convert the house into a commercial unit which is and must not be the case as we are living inside the premises ourselves or worse, that I am packing non-school supply items.


I am glad that in my area of residence, people are not judgmental and are open to verification schemes that allow them to be exposed to the world of freelance contractors like myself.  I am just unsure why some would take pictures with me in the background -- the first was with the local installers and buddies of my internet service provider and the second was with one stranger, a youngster, in a newly opened McDo junction. I am unsure if they were interested with my face or with my bald head that give witness to a medical history with antidepressants.  I am not really sure of what they suspect me to be.