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Abhay Shanker R Member Since: Jan 31, 2014
Indian freelancers are welcome here to discuss from anything to everything
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Poonam S Member Since: Aug 11, 2011
How is working on oDesk working for you all ? Is it good bad ugly ? or does it pay well and you enjoy working on oDesk ? Curious and seeking response from Indians
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Rama A Member Since: Feb 2, 2014
Hi, I am Rama from Tamilnadu and am new to this site. I try to work for data entry projects in odesk bcos i have exp but i don't know how i do this.. Pls Friends could u help me.. Really am very Interested to work with odesk Team.. Somebody help me..
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
Hi Rama, Welcome to oDesk! Please read the links below for helpful info and advice: Contactor Manual Disintermediation Want to get that first job? Then check this out... Job warning signs Staying Safe on oDesk Best of luck!
oDesk Forum Moderator Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...
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Gauri P Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
Hi, I'm new to Odesk. I want to know the best and cheapest withdrawal methods for Indian bank accounts. I checked PayPal, but its rates are very high. Pls help me. Thanks
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Abdulrahman M Member Since: Jan 29, 2016

Hi Gauri,


I know this is coming very late but thought would just 'Reply' to the concern.


You can use Local Funds Transfer (LFT) option. It is a little delayed but the cheapest of all.

Sad Upwork'ing,

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Prashant K Member Since: Oct 24, 2016

I have the same problem.Please share with me if you have figured it out.


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Kartik K Member Since: Aug 30, 2016

I am trying since one month but still i'm not getting any ideas. If you get any ideas could you please help me.

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Nitin Kumar S Member Since: Jun 9, 2014
oDesk is a dream run for me, working like a charm. But then again it depends on your own goals and dedication, if you love to work on the go and maintain the level of professionalism in whichever field you are interested in, then definitely oDesk is a GOOD workplace.
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Manish C Member Since: Sep 9, 2015

I'm, fairly new to Upwork and it has ben quite good so far. In the past 2 months I have worked for more than 250 hours and earned more than $1000 dollars so far. It is just the same as real life, where one needs to be professional and honest in your approach.


I got a few comments from my clients, saying that they are not comfortable working with Indians, because Indians have cheated them in the past. With one such client, I had a lot of problems initially but slowly I proved to him that he could trust me and now he trusts me fully. The common complaint is that Indians always delay hourly jobs in order to make money. I try to complete the jobs before the estimated time, and so i keep getting more and more work from the same clients and good reviews.


I would request all Indian freelancers, to be honest in thier dealings and not try to take advantage of the clients. If Indians keep cheating our clients, very soon noone will want to work with us.


Another advice is - do not be tempted by clients who say that they will pay you directly. If you accept payment outside upwork, your account will get banned. Upwork takes 10% of your earnings and I know that this can hurt, expecially if you have worked hard, but your earning history is visible to future clients and when they see that you have arned a lot you can easily get more jobs.


All the best in your Upwork journey. Lage raho Smiley Happy