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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015

@ Almond


Not that I'm aware of but there is one for Upwork. You can always start one if you like !! Now I'm just curious to see how it would turn out !! hahahahaha




@ Anyone else still reading this....


Yup, seems like there are a lot of Pinoys using Upwork (oDesk or whatever you wanna call it!! ) but not so many are posting in this group. Not too much anyway. But they are posting in the other sections. You just had to spot them is all. So don't start thinking you're all by yourself here!! Go ahead and ask questions..... don't be shy !! Smiley LOL

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Bernard T Member Since: Jul 26, 2016


 my first time to submit proposals..Im quite nervous if a client will reply ..Hope that if i can get a job,you can assist me in the future..Smiley Happy

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Edward V Member Since: Nov 7, 2014
Hi to all contractors out there,

Good day

I have decided to look for a fair justice and to fight for myself and my fellow contractors' rights as a human as well as a contractor of Upwork. Also, I wanted to talk with the Supervisor of Risk Management Team or higher department that could assist me fairly.

With due respect. The Risk Management Committee gave one sided verdict without getting my side to defend myself. It's obviously a violation against the law of human rights. They should be given me a benefit of a doubt as human as well as a contractor of Upwork to at least get my side.

What will be the basis of their so-called investigation if you don't get my side to defend myself to the client who accused me for something he didn't like about me. If that's the case client have all the power for tripping contractors to destroy and to the worst client will always be emotional driven and will be unprofessional enough to handle the issue because they know they are more important than contractors. Even to the point they will use their advantage until the account of contractor will be closed.

It's a fight not only for me but to all of the contractors who dedicate themselves who work trustfully and truthfully at Upwork. I dedicate this battle to all of my fellow contractors.

Please, I'm requesting for a thorough review and re-investigation to the alleged issue uprightly.

Please take immediate action on this matter and looking forward to hearing from the Supervisor of the Risk Management Team the soonest.

Note: The verdict without getting my side and to prove my innocence for me to appeal reinstatement is really unfair and injustice.

Does anyone experiencing this kind of reinstatement verdict without informing your exact irregularities. Also not getting your side to prove your innocence?

If you are experiencing this kind of mistreatment feel free to comment and let's fight for our rights as contractors. Most of the time clients are tripping contractors because they know they will get the favor. Injustice isn't it?

I'm calling the attention of the Upwork & Elance CEO to address this kind of mistreatment contractors experiencing.

Btw, the name of the personnel who handle my case from Risk Management Department is Elle.


Kind Regards, 
Edward O. Velasco 
Upwork Contractor
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Maria Marilyn M Member Since: Oct 27, 2010

Hello everyone!

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Julyn A Member Since: Jun 25, 2015

Hi guys! Smiley Happy

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Ariane L Member Since: Sep 2, 2015

Hello everyone. Smiley Happy I'm new here, I hopw we all get along well and I really need some advice on how to begin here.thank you. Smiley Happy

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Rolando K Member Since: Aug 16, 2015




Just a newbie since August this year, expecting clients to pour in....


And wow! I have exhausted all my connects to bid.... but still hopeful.




Regards to all pinoys here,


Rolando Ko Jr

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Althea Maefe S Member Since: Nov 6, 2014


And wow! I have exhausted all my connects to bid.... but still hopeful.




Hang in there Rolando! Smiley Happy Explore the useful help topics here, make sure to not only bid bid bid, but to mix up your applications as well, there are tons of threads here with tips about writing a cover letter and how to land a job, there's a contract out there with your name on it. Smiley Happy

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Kean L Member Since: Sep 21, 2015

Mabuhay! Its More Fun in the Philippines!

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Maria Marilyn M Member Since: Oct 27, 2010

Good morning all! Funds still not credited to bank account (BPI). It's usually sent by Friday but since it was a holiday, the funds were not sent. I am expecting it to be sent today and will check again later. Next time, I'll take note of holidays. I should have withdrawn through BDO last week because funds are sent by Thursday (before the Friday holiday). Lesson learned.