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Profile Not Approved

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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018

@Pragnesh S wrote:

Hello There,


Greetings of the Day.


My name is Pragnesh Soni. Few days ago I have decided to start a freelancing career through the very well known freelancing site that is Before creating I have reserched a lot that how to ceate an attractive profile that facinates the contractor. I have followed each and every rules and regulations to create such profile. Like I have used company email id instead of gmail, added portfolio stuffs, added Video overview and etc. I have spent a lot money to create this profile. However after applying lots of efforts it has not been approved yet. I dont know the exact reason. Can Anybody suggest me the reason that Why it has not been getting approved? I really be very greatful to you if you can do this.


Waiting for kind reply.


Thanks & Regards

Pragnesh Soni

 I don't know what it takes these days to get approved, but your area is pretty saturated. 2 remarks: what team are you talking about? Set your English level to the correct skill level.

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Pragnesh S Member Since: Nov 22, 2018

Hi Martina,


Thanks for your quick reply.

I have not mentioned anything about a Team. I dont know what you talking about exactly. Can you please explain me?

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Bernardo F Member Since: Nov 16, 2018



I created my profile at Upwork and it was not approved, but a client invited me to join a contract and I accepted. I tried to resubmit my profile and it was rejected again, but I still see my open contract.

My question is: I know I can't submit to any offers, but can I still work (and receive money) for this clients I was invited?


Thanks for your help

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Muhammad Shamshad A Member Since: Jul 24, 2018



Please send me a private message i need to ask few things about your profile.Maybe i can give you

 helpful tips.