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Profile Not Approved

Active Member
Zeeshan M Member Since: May 5, 2018

Please my profile approved.

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Vasudha C Member Since: Jul 20, 2018

Hello team Upwork,


I had an account earlier but want to update its username, therefore after discussion with support I came to know that to update userid, only option is to close this account and create new.


Therefore following it, I closed my account and created this new one, but after multiple revisions, my profile is not getting approved. Kindly guide and help !



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Vasudha C Member Since: Jul 20, 2018

Please can someone assist !!! 

Community Guru
Juvy Ann P Member Since: Oct 29, 2015

@Vasudha C wrote:

Please can someone assist !!! 

From what I understand, Vasudha, it seems that you are unable to grasp the global aspect of the platform yet.  The way I see it, the platform is one advocacy, one cause.  But then it is mysterious.  The thing is we need to accept that there are universal issues like hunger, employment, community.  That is how I see Upwork.

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Vasudha C Member Since: Jul 20, 2018
Thanks for your attention Juvy !

But my concern is, why my profile is not getting approved whereas I just tried to update username according to the suggested guidelines by Upwork.

I had active profile which I closed to update username. That profile was approved in a day but then I realise about username so I closed it and created new, which is not getting approved after multiple attempts.

So, kindly suggest how can I make this profile active now !
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VO T Member Since: Dec 8, 2018

Dear Juvy Ann P, 


Could you please take a loot at my case?


I've 100% completed Upwork profile. I've take several tests on Upwork and my test result is quite good. (Here is my Upwork test's result)


But my profile is rejected. It seems that my profile is rejected by automated system.


Could you please give me an advice or a good direction?


Thank you in advance, 


Best and regards, 



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Pavan M Member Since: Nov 21, 2018
My profile is not approved till now
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Kristina A Member Since: Nov 19, 2018

Hello Upwork Team,


My application to join has been refused twice despite having completed my profile with a detailed bio, 15 portfolio items, 10 skills, employment and education history. 


I am able to browse other freelancers with similar skills but do not see what is missing from my profile to get it approved. 


Can anyone help me understand what I can do to get my account approved? 


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Mark Louie T Member Since: Nov 17, 2018

I too would like my profile to get approved. I have been trying too many times. Please help

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Pragnesh S Member Since: Nov 22, 2018

Hello There,


Greetings of the Day.


My name is Pragnesh Soni. Few days ago I have decided to start a freelancing career through the very well known freelancing site that is Before creating I have reserched a lot that how to ceate an attractive profile that facinates the contractor. I have followed each and every rules and regulations to create such profile. Like I have used company email id instead of gmail, added portfolio stuffs, added Video overview and etc. I have spent a lot money to create this profile. However after applying lots of efforts it has not been approved yet. I dont know the exact reason. Can Anybody suggest me the reason that Why it has not been getting approved? I really be very greatful to you if you can do this.


Waiting for kind reply.


Thanks & Regards

Pragnesh Soni