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Suddenly my account is suspended

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Meera K Member Since: Dec 23, 2017

I want to ask Upwork What is the reason for my account suspension? What is the problem with my account?

I want a solid reason. All my information is correct.  All are going good.


The client has posted a job. I bid on this job and he hire me after discussion. I started the project and billed 2 hours and got me notification your this job is on hold. After this, I have a notification that is my account is suspended.



What is my mistake?


Suddenly I work with Indian client and then you suspend my account. why? This is too much. This policy is not good. It’s mean the same people same Country they didn’t work with each other.


If the client does not follow your policy it's mean you compliant to both.


This is not a good Upwork. Now where I go I don’t have a source of income.


Please Solve my problem and reactivate my account. I am already done my video and documents verification.

 You know all thing is done my side. 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018

Hi Meera,


I'll go ahead and follow up with the team handling your case and you can expect to receive an update on your ticket directly. Thank you for reaching out to us!

~ Bojan
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Kamal K Member Since: Apr 8, 2019

I got my account suspended too.

I sent the email appealing to reinstate my account but I haven't got a reply yet. been 3 days already.

How long does it take?

I am a self taught developer and I dont have certificate to show my skills. All I have is the projects I have done.

I was already in beginning work with a client and he had sent me his project to do the changes.

Please help me out here.

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Muhammad J Member Since: Feb 25, 2019

Hi Bojan,

My account has been suspended due to submitting higher number of proposals. 


Please kindly review my case because I really want to work with upwork so please its a request. It was a mistake and it will never happen again.

here is the link to my community question:


Please do review my case again.

Active Member
Jess A Member Since: Jun 22, 2015



i was working on a hourly based contract, i was tracing hours while i was working, suddenly i got a message that contract put on hold and in just 2 min i got a message that my account also suspended do not know


after a min i got this email from upwork



I’m contacting you because I noticed some irregular activity in your account. In order to ensure your security on Upwork, some elements of your account have been placed on hold. "


since 2 days no response from work, and still my account is in suspended mode, i am really frustrate, i done nothing, but still my account is suspended, i am working in upwork since 10 years, i have over 700 feedbacks


i am trying to contact upwork customer care, they are telling me that you will receive updates in 24 to 48 hours time from our higher level team.


without doing anything my account has been suspended, since 10 years i work here, never ever my account has been suspended.


i really need help in solving this problem, because i depend on upwork a lot


thank you


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Shaheer A Member Since: Feb 16, 2019

Hello. I had a video verification call with upwork support four days ago. Support told me that I would receive an email within 24-48 hours about my account status. but, 48 hours have already gone and I did not receive any email. How can I solve this issue? I still see this message on my upwork page "Action required: To avoid additional account restrictions, you must complete your identity verification video call with Upwork. You can initiate this call by chatting with an agent here.", but when I try to click this link, it redirects me on the home page.

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Mikhael Y Member Since: Apr 26, 2019


My name is Mikhael Yordan.  I am from Russia. Few days ago, I recieved an email that there was some irregular activity and my account was suspended. I am not sure what is it. I haven't worked outside the platform,Anyway, another upwork agent sent me an link to upload my identity card and bill documents. She also wrote, upon successful Identitiy verification suspension will be lifted.

I got email from Verification team that my identity was verified successfully. But, I got email that my account is suspended.

Please help me to reactivate my account. I can't write in support page, it's blocked for me