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Top Rated Agencies ? Lets Share a BIG OFFICE SPACE

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ARIF ASHRAF I Member Since: Oct 7, 2015

Upwork is launching top rated agency program soon. 
Currently my agency Dhaka Designer is eligible for it 
And also we'll be able to assign jobs to our agency members soon. 
This is a great step in a sense that this is for the first-time we'll be able to work as a team in real. 


Let me tell you THREE major prolems I was facing while working as a team

- Agency like an Architecture design firm of mine works best when we can talk to each other in real physical space. Communication via skype or Gmail is not enough to guide the agency members specially who are learning but qualified



- Architectural drafting is a work even a primary school educated can do. But its always part of my job. 
Problem is I'm over qualified for this. This part take time and not a good thing to bill 25$/hr to the client.

- A good working environtment cannot be found at home. 


The solution was simple

The Space

Me with my team members work physically in a same room we call office. Beside doing my own works, My job is also to collect works for my members and keeping the quality intact.  With the upcoming services of Upwork, this is going to work great. 






How about taking it to the Next Level

New problem is , Maintaining an office. I have Six people office now
Let me tell you about the costs

- I had to make furniture and buy computers for them, that was the initial cost. 
- Second main cost is the Office Rent, currently 300$/month
- Third is the monthly food cost thats almsot 400$/month
- There are some other costs like Service charge, wifi charge, the Peon boy etc

  • This huge amount of cost can easily be removed if we can take a big office space and share it 
  • Big office have open areas and enough space for ventilation. My small one is not good for creative thinking. 
  • A shared kitchen can reduce food cost too. By the way you need to provide good foods specially the launch to keep your people active and refreshed most importan.... Creative. 

It'd be great if top rated agencies can work togather and create a healthy office environment. If anyone interested, contact me


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Saiful I Member Since: Aug 22, 2015

Great. Congratulation. 
Nice office.

~ Saiful, Upwork Freelancer
Be honest, works will looking for you.
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Mahmudul H Member Since: Jul 9, 2012
Congratulation Smiley Happy keep good working.
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Arifur R Member Since: Jun 22, 2016

Congratulations !

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Mahfuz A S Member Since: Jun 14, 2016

Great Work Brother, Congratulation.

Mahfuz A Sonet
Graphic Designer

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Kamrul A Member Since: Oct 13, 2016

I am interested. I think i have you on my skype. I will knock you there.