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What's up!

Ace Contributor
Mary Aisles M Member Since: Sep 16, 2015

Hi guys! 

What's up?

This is the only page in Upwork that I get response from :Smiley Sad 

I have used all my connects and even bought the $10 membership (also running out) but still not getting any job.

It's depressing how I decided to be a full-time freelancer and didn't take the opportunities given to me by other companies because I thought Upwork could give me the same opportunities as well.

Well I was wrong, it's gonna be really hard if you don't have those hours and don't have that job success other freelancers have. How can I do that if I haven't been given enough projects to have those stuff.

There are too many competitors out here and I think clients more often not, choose who have reputation already.

Anybody else experiencing this or has experienced this?

Any tips?

Thank you.

Community Guru
Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015



Same old stuff, different day!! Still recovering from that typhoon.



Wow, you spent money on more connects?!! I never ran outta connects even on the previous system of things before connects. I can't remember what they were called!! But even back then, I never ran out.


About the only 2 tips I can give you are make sure you're not applying at random to every job post you see. Do try your best to spot the fake / scam jobs to avoid. Get selective or get out your wallet again and keep buying connects.... good luck with that keep buying connects idea!! Other than that, it's ALWAYS on YOU to make a convincing enough story to get yourself hired.


Yeah, there are a lot of other freelancers who are very possibly eyeballing the same job(s) you'd like to have. You should have expected that when you found out that people from all over the WORLD are using this site!! This site isn't that big of a secret!! Smiley LOL


In any case, you're wasting your time by getting depressed and/or disappointed with not getting jobs here. Keep in mind, ANY job you attempt to gain is a gamble no matter which way you look at it. So why would you think this site would be any different?!!


Besides, you clearly have 2 jobs in progress. I don't know if they're active but at least you have 2 to get you going.

Ace Contributor
Mary Aisles M Member Since: Sep 16, 2015
Hi Santiago!

Yes I did. I apply to those jobs whose payment sre verified and have ratings. Wouldn't waste on those scammers who'd message everyone who applied. I'm not gonna pay another $10 for the connects and to see other freelancers bids. It doesn't help at all.

I was inspired by those fellow Filipinos who have earned a lot since they became a member and it seems they have made Upwork their primary source of income.

I still apply on the "real world" but I chose work from home because it's much easier and I manage my own time. It is only after deciding to be a full time freelancer did I know about all the others using this platform. I know in time I'll make my own mark here in Upwork. I just have to be patient.

Thanks for the tips Smiley Happy

My 2 ongoing projects are not really on going. Smiley Sad after the first project, there was no follow up. I was trying to get my clients in giving me a feedback to help my job success score but haven't heard from them. The other contract is on hold and the other is paused.

I just always try my best to sell my self in the best possible way but still not working.

I will just wait for "my right time" lol
Community Guru
Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015


I'm just surprised someone still bought the connects after seeing so many others post about it (months ago) and they were also not having any success with it. It wasn't just the scam / fake posts, it's also the posts which offer partially to massively low paying jobs you have to avoid. Partially low paying? You might still want to consider those depending on the client's profile, the work that needs to be done, and if you want to take a possible "loss in pay" on that one. There are times where a freelancer would spot a job post like that and apply for it. Massively low paying posts.... I'd avoid all together. Posts showing up offering half or less than half of what you were making are simply not worth it IMO. I just move on and leave those alone all together.

Inspired by the others were ya?!! That's the "advertisement" that catches the interest of so many. The part they don't tell you is what it took to get to where they are. Also notice how the not so successful stories are left out when you're first starting. It's like the youtube gameplay videos. Sure, the tactic being described / shown in the video looks to work incredibly. Notice how they don't show what it took to be able to do that?!! Yeah.... surprise!! It took spending heavy amounts of time, money, setting up, testing, and effort just to discover that game tactic being shown in the video. But they don't mention that part, do they?!! See what happens when you're working based on only one side of the story? This site was never a "sign up and you're automatically hired" situation.

The other parts are when you started and the changes made to upwork. I started a few years ago. I consider it as I'm doing fairly ok for myself on this site according to what I wanted. Which is something for part time work due to the very random nature of some of my other work. No real pressures involved with this stuff. This works out fine for me but unfortunately, not everyone can say the same. In my case, even if I'm not working for clients gained from this site, I still have a variety of other work which gets everything paid for anyway. So I'm still not missing meals!! I been freelancing since 1997. So yeah, I'm already well established in many places for the things I do. I don't go to places looking for work and/or filling out applications. I haven't done so since 1997. My work just shows up at my door anyway!! I actually got into a jeepney one day to go buy new PC parts. One "stupid" joke and 2 minutes later I was being offered another programming job!!

Most of the work I've done on this site is as a writer. Well, it seems my video game playing and heavy tech background, gained over the decades, does pay in more ways than one!! But for me, it wasn't overly difficult to get the jobs I've had/still have. No, I didn't make THAT large of an amount of money while working with this site, but I'm still ok with that!! Several of the jobs I've had from this site were REALLY fun. So I deemed it as 100% worth it!! hahahahaha

Then you have the changes to the site. More often than not, said changes either caused more problems or did absolutely nothing. But more often than not, said changes ended up being costly to freelancers AND clients. Too many bugs showed up in the changes to the site. All in all, this just made things much harder for freelancers that are just starting out on this site. When I first started out, about 1 month later I WAS recommending this site to others. Now I recommend they consider all options available to them first. So far, the bugs that managed to show up managed to COST ME 2 jobs. Invites were not showing up along with messages from potential clients that wanted to at least talk to me. And they were clients that already spent 10s of thousands of dollars through this site. So obviously those are not fake / scam clients.

I don't know if others were having any luck with this next idea or not. But you can try it anyway. Wait till the 3rd week of the month. When it starts, remain very selective with the jobs you apply to. During the 4th week of the month, go ahead and apply as much as you can while still trying to avoid the fake / scam jobs. That idea might help you have connects until they reset. I don't know if this idea would help you in getting a job, but at least you might still have some connects at the end of the month!! During the 1st 2 weeks of the month, just keep an eye open for messages, replies, invites, and job posts that VERY SERIOUSLY catch your attention. It's not all just sitting around and waiting for "your time"!!



Ace Contributor
Mary Aisles M Member Since: Sep 16, 2015
Thanks Santiago, I will definitely follow your advise regarding the application process.