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Re: Which is the best withdrawal method for pakistan ?

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Umer A Member Since: Jun 28, 2017

hi Vladimir,


i have a problem in recieving payment. My payment was scheculed today to my local bank account but i ddin't recieve the payment and the scheduling is now shifted to next week.

please fix my problem

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi Umer,


In case you're referring to scheduled withdrawals, can you please check if your account balance is equal or greater than the limit set for automatic withdrawals? Also, you can manually initiate withdrawals regardless of the amount and at any time you prefer.

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Muhammad K Member Since: Jun 10, 2019


Can you please help me how to add local bank withdrawal method in Pakistan. I have HBL account but it cannot locate bank using swift code and also showing error in adding mobile number?

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Usman I Member Since: Aug 16, 2016

Does MCB Bank work for withdraw from Upwork ?

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Muhammad Irfan A Member Since: Sep 19, 2016

Great answer Mahnoor. I have a few questions regarding this topic as I am a newbie here on Upwork. Kindly check your inbox. Any help is much appreciated. 

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Sohail A Member Since: Sep 28, 2017

hi Mahnoor, 


hope you are well. can you please tell me if it possible and advisable to open a $dollar account in Pakistan and transfer funds from UPwork directly without changing it to any currently?


Best regards,

sohail Aziz

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Irfan M Member Since: Apr 26, 2016

Hi Mahnoor,

I have also done local payment transfer through payoneer but it's been 10 days i'm cluless that on what stage my payment is. I have contacted payoneer and they said, "we have transfered your payment". They also sent me the transaction pdf doc. Now on Pakistani Bank end, they don't know any transaction happened. I'm using Summit Bank. Is it Bank that is making it delay ?

Which bank you prefer to have direct bank transfer ?I'm thinking about HBL or SCB.


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Komal K Member Since: Jun 6, 2018

Hello Mahnoor

Using Local funds transfer can we get payment directly from upwork to HBL in pakistan? What will be charges for that. Does charges deduction varies from location to location? 

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Atizaz A Member Since: Jan 11, 2019
Please guide me further which bank and account is best in Pakistan for freelancers ????
Community Leader
Asif R Member Since: Jan 7, 2015

Hello everybody !

I'm working on upwork from last year and noticed that Local Bank Transfer is the cheapest method to withdraw your funds. $4.99/withdrawal fee and money will be in your bank within 36 hours of withdrawal.


If someone is suggesting Payoneer then he is wrong becasue Payoneer costs you $29.65 per year as service charges + Upwork to Payoneer Transfer fee + Banks withdrawal = Too Much costly....

Asif Rehman