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New Community Navigation

Today, we have launched a new global navigation and corresponding dropdown menus within Community. We always look for opportunities to better organize our different programs, content, and activities. Please know this is an evolving process, and we look forward to involving community members more. 

With this new organization, you’ll find:

  • We’ve renamed Updates to Platform
    • Product Updates was renamed Release Notes to better align with its function. 
    • Within Platform, you’ll find a link to the Upwork platform, release notes for new product features (previously named Product Updates), our feedback and support forums, and our announcements blog. 
  • We’ve renamed Discussions to Forums
  • You may have noticed when logged in Groups now has dropdown items
    • Customized to you, the dropdown options display groups you are part of when logged in. You can now easily access your groups from anywhere in Community by hovering over Groups in the global navigation and clicking on the group you want to visit.
  • We’ve created a new section called Workspace
    • Workspace currently holds the blog, Career CloseUP, and direct links to the Rate Calculator and the Staying Safe on Upwork Course. We are excited for our Workspace section to evolve as we create new tools and activities to help further your career and work. 
  • Additionally, we’ve removed FAQs as a dropdown under Academy; you can now find all of the FAQs at the bottom of the Academy homepage. We’ve also removed the options from the Events drop-down as well. 

We appreciate your continued support and engagement and look forward to involving you in our upcoming changes and feedback collection.

Update 11/28/2022: We've moved the Support forum back to the 'Forums' by popular demand! 

Community Member

Hey Corbin, thanks for giving the Freelancers an update on the changes to the site.

Community Member

Thanks for the update

Community Member


Community Member

That is actually very helpful and boosting the confidence to create  strong profile!

Community Member

I wark jon

Community Member

Thanks for the update Corbin

Community Member

Hello Corbin,

This is good progress. Thank you for the update. 


Community Member

Hey I'm new on this can any one help me to tell me what we write here in agencies ? Community how we earn money ?? Simple way ??

Community Member

Has the community group "Freelancer Plus Forum" ceased to exist?


I have it in my drop-down menu because I signed on for it, but I am denied access (although my profile still has the "Top Rated Plus" badge on it). 


Or is my computer slow to update, and I have been thrown out of top rated? 

Hi Alexandra,


Access to the Freelancer Plus Group is limited to Freelancers who are subscribed to the Freelancer Plus membership. You can check out this page to learn more about the benefits included with the membership.

~ Luiggi
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