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Share your journey and expertise on the Community blog

We’re launching a contributor program and want you to join—We’re excited to read your unique perspectives on career, work, and Upwork and to learn from your expertise! 


We have seen so many amazing long-form forum posts from users eager to share their expertise. We launched this program to give all community members a platform to share their stories, advice, and passion in the Community blog


Every person follows a unique trajectory through life. How is your experience different from others? What insight can you provide? While our team will provide feedback and edit guidelines, we want to maintain a hands-off approach to ensure you, your voice, and your story shine!



To kick off our newly launched program, we asked Community member Mikko R to share his journey from freelancer to solopreneur. In part one of his story, he discusses how he got into freelancing and his approach to landing work with new tech startups. Subscribe to the blog to be notified when part two is published!


We also migrated a super helpful post by Wes C. from the forums to the blog, where more freelancers will be able to benefit from his wisdom! You’ve probably already noticed that the look of the blog has also changed. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve its look and prominence in the Community!

We want to hear about your journey and experiences! If you’re interested in learning more about contributing to the Community Blog, be sure to join our group. There you will find not only our Submission Guide, but also a forum for contributors to connect, share ideas, exchange grammar puns, and have fun. We hope to see you in the group!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Upwork.com Author Program and the Community Contributor program?

The community program is a self-opt-in opportunity to share your unique work, career, or Upwork expertise. Our program is for the community, by the community, and any external and internal member of Upwork can participate with minimal barriers to entry.

The guest author program is an invitation-only elevated content experience in which the subject matter expert works closely with the Upwork team and receives exclusive access to Upwork editorial curation, SEO expertise, executive-level exposure at Upwork, and exposure to enterprise clients.


What’s the difference between the Upwork.com Blog and the Community Blog?

The community blog is a representation of all Upworkers. It’s a platform to amplify your voice and your story. Our goal with the community blog is to help our community's voices and stories shine. 


Who can participate in the Community Contributor Program?

Anyone with an Upwork account in good standing can participate.


How do you participate in the Community Contributor Program?

To participate, join the Contributor Group and review the Submission Guide and Contributor Agreement.


How do I join the contributor group? Do I have to? Why should I?

You can join the Community Contributor group by going here. Joining is not required, but is strongly encouraged. In the group, you’ll find a forum for contributors to connect, share ideas, exchange grammar puns, and have fun. Even if you opt not to join the group, please be sure to review the Submission Guide and Contributor Agreement.


When will I be notified if you’re publishing my post?

You will only be notified if we are unable to publish your post. We hope to establish a notification process later this year to automatically alert authors when the status of their post is changed prior to publication. 


If I receive feedback do I have to update my submission in order to be published?

If you receive feedback, the requested changes will need to be made and the article resubmitted in order for it to be considered for publication.


My article was rejected, can I submit it again?

Absolutely! We encourage you to consider the feedback provided and resubmit your article with the changes requested. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to not move forward with an article that requires changes you can always something a new article. 


I submitted my article and haven’t heard back? How do I know you received it?

You can view the status of your submissions here. When you first submit your article for review, the status will be “Awaiting Review.” If your post has been accepted and scheduled for publication, the status will change to “Awaiting Publication.” If the status is “Draft”, this means either you have not yet submitted the article for review or it has been returned to you with comments. Once an article is published, it will no longer appear in your list of submissions.


There’s a mean comment on my article–can you delete it?

Any comments that violate the Community Guidelines will be removed. This includes but is not limited to profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, insults, disruptive or hostile comments, interpersonal disputes or threats of violence.


I have a post on my blog that I want to share on the community blog–is that a thing?

Absolutely! We love providing a space for you to share your content. When you submit your article be sure to include a line at the top that reads “Previously published: your website here” with a link back to your original post. Additionally, to note, we will only be able to re-publish a few pieces a month to start but please continue to submit as we will schedule it out!


Will Upwork share my post on their social channels? How will you promote my work?

Great question! We will be promoting all contributions to the blog through Upwork’s main Twitter account as well as highlighting a select few a month on other social media platforms. We are continuing to partner and look at other promotion avenues within the organization as we grow this program.

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Awesome Mike, it would be great to get involved with this 🙂

Community Member

Mike, in the blog section, it's not possible for people to respond to comments. They can only respond to the blog post itself. Can you fix that, please?

Community Member

Hey Wes,


The lack of threaded responses in blogs is definitely a bummer. A fix should be coming from the platform we use to host the Community, but it's out of Upwork's hands so I'm not sure of the timeline.

Community Member

yeah i want to write blog 

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