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Sep 20, 2022
3D Generalist | Ahsan

AHSAN RAUF Pic 2 of 2.jpegMy journey on Upwork has been for over a year now and it has been my life's most exciting experience. My current role in my daytime job is Enterprise Architect, where on a daily basis I have to assess and make major decisions on organizational transformation.


It’s a contrast to what I do and offer on Upwork, which is a 3D generalist. I work in making 3D models and designs, movie cinematics, animation, metaverses, etc. 


Before coming to Upwork, I was learning 3D modeling tools for fun's sake and it became my hobby over time to learn something new every day and then implement it. The results were always fascinating and I loved knowing and learning little by little for almost six years while also doing my daytime job. I do have an Instagram profile where I used to upload stuff that I made after whatever I learned. 


I never thought of freelancing work, one of the things which was always stopping me from pursuing freelancing was that: who will hire me in this world whereas there are so many already in the market whose work was of superior quality?


I would say that it was during lockdowns during Corona of 2020 that suddenly I got more time to do a deep dive into learning more 3D-related tools and practice implementing them. I was also very active on Instagram and gained a lot of followers.


Out of these followers, certain individuals were already working as freelancers and they encouraged me as to why don't I try freelancing work since my work was improving day by day and quality was increasing?


It was January 2021, that I decided, it was time to test the waters and see what and where fate will work for me in the journey I was embarking on. I was already registered on Upwork in 2016 but never actually used it. Reactivated again in 2021 and the Upwork team was kind enough to have a live call to verify my account and that's where I started my journey as a freelancer. 


I started searching for jobs, started bidding for whatever I thought is something I would be able to do, and then finally I hit upon my first job with a client who I later came to know was actually a known celebrity. 🙂 I mean wow, this was a job which ended two months and not just that I had a great client, we became friends and till this day we still are. Just letting you folks know, Upwork may be a professional platform but you can always end up having friends here! 


So, one after another, I was getting jobs and progressing pretty fast. On a periodic basis, I was getting Upwork badges to showcase to potential clients my skills and availability. Getting to know badges and what they mean to the community of clients on Upwork, was very encouraging. It started giving me more exposure to more great clients, which I obviously got acquainted with and worked for them as well. 


Upwork has such a great way of encouraging us freelancers by introducing new mechanisms for validating our skills. I was approached by the Upwork team for an assessment of my skills in order to certify my profile for meeting Industry standards. I was so excited about this, in a matter of two weeks I got my certification, which also shows in my profile now and is a big addition to validating my skills. I had no idea that I will progress this fast and with every badge, I was celebrating it with my family because earning such is evidence that you did well. 


Today I'm top-rated plus in my domain of 3D freelancers, thank you Upwork! I have great clients I'm working for and I'm looking forward to working with more as I keep moving forward in this journey on Upwork. 


For anybody who is still doubtful about themselves that freelancing is not for them, well I would like to tell you guys if you have a skill and you love it, you are passionate about it, you must give it at least a try for freelancing, because, if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived!! 


There is always someone out there, looking for your services. Never underestimate yourself, what you have learned to whatever extent, come to freelancing, I promise you, you will succeed. You just need to be consistent in your efforts and you shall prevail! 🙂 


I'm always open to any idea, any cooperation at any level with anyone, so reach out to me and I shall help you in whatever support you are looking for. 


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