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Sep 20, 2022
BI & Analytics | Nasir



My name is Mohammed Nasir Iqbal, Business Intelligence and Analytics Expert. I help businesses by bringing their historical data into actionable insights. Having happy clients from North America, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. I represent the top 3% of business intelligence and analytics performers on Upwork. I have also an agency on Upwork known as Dolphin Analytics. There were multiple ups and downs in my life, like I struggled a lot. So I did my Degree of Engineering from a leading engineering University of my country. During my engineering, I received a Microsoft Suite Partner Award. I did my internship and [inaudible] Pakistan. So I start off at a 9 to 5 job and I decided that I will run my own gaming startup. So I started under my leadership startup and became technology partner of Microsoft. Then I did a job for 3.5 years in the capacity of software development engineer. So, while I was in the job, I architected large scale databases that are still in use by United Nations programs, IBM, Symantec, Verizon, BMW, Lufthansa, and the list goes on. And that's the most part, that leader helped me, so I learned how to develop large scale databases. 


After that, I worked as manager in business intelligence and analytics. It was certainly a transition from software development to add business intelligence and analytics. I worked for two years then there were the biggest crises. So that company got defaulted due to those Middle East crisis. Then in December of 2017 I joined Upwork. So initially, I started providing the energy services but later clients said that we also want business intelligence services. So I learned a few technologies like data warehouse, data marts, and cubes and I become business intelligence analyst. I also started providing business intelligence services. For the first 2.5 years are very struggling because clients didn't trust you because you are new on the platform, you have less history. Although I had vast experience, but I also had to do minute process also, just to build my reputation, yeah. 


I got the regional badge, I became Top Rated. Eventually I lost that badge due to just one or two clients. I didn't give up; I became Top Rated again. From that I began Top Rated Plus then suddenly, I had issues with just two clients again. So I was demoted from Top Rated Plus to Top Rated. I didn't give up and this year I become Top Rated Plus again. You have to be consistent, keep trying, keep trying, and keep trying. Quality matters. If you spend every minute searching new clients and don't give quality results, you will be in a loop. So, if you give quality delivery, that client will come again and again. I kept brushing on my skills. I gained three international certifications from Oracle and I became an Oracle Certified Professional also. Later I was awarded Microsoft Windows Phone Developer. Then when I transitioned from software development to data science, I learned Tableau  and I became Tableau certified and I became a Tableau partner in August 2016. After two years of becoming a Tableau partner, I learned the skills of the SCP. Before joining Upwork, while I was working as manager in data analytics, I started to earn an MBA from the top business school of my country. 


Life is all about lifelong learning. You have to keep yourself updated.


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