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Web, Mobile & Software Development

Learn everything you need to know about getting an Upwork Skills Certification as an independent professional in the Web, Software, and Mobile Development skill category on Upwork. 
Note: Currently, Upwork Skill Certifications are offered by invitation only.
We know that being certified in certain skills can help you attract and build trust with prospective clients. That's why we developed skills certifications. 
Upwork Skill Certifications in Web & Mobile Software Development test for individual proficiency in a particular language or technology. Assessment methodology varies by skill, using a combination of timed, proctored tests and in some cases, technical interviews. As an added benefit for earning a skill certification in the Web, Mobile & Software Development category, you'll receive a one-time bonus of 80 Connects.
To become skill-certified in Web, Mobile, and Software Development, you first need to be invited and meet the requirements of the certification. Next, you'll need to complete the certification process.

Skills assessment available:

  • Android, Java
  • Android, Kotlin
  • C#, Desktop Software Development
  • C++, Desktop Software Development
  • iOS, Objective-C
  • iOS, Swift
  • Java, Back-end Development
  • JavaScript, Back-end Development
  • JavaScript, Front-end Development
  • PHP, Back-end Development
  • Python, Back-end Development
  • Ruby, Back-end Development


After receiving an invite, your Upwork account should:

check.jpgHave 100% Profile Completeness

check.jpgBe ID Verified


Get Prepared

check.jpgReview “How do I prepare for this coding test?

check.jpgExplore CodeSignal’s knowledge base

check.jpgWatch this webinar

check.jpgTake a practice coding assessment


Coding Tests

  • Pass a timed, proctored coding test with four language-agnostic algorithm-based questions that test your implementation and problem-solving skills.
  • Pass a timed, skill-specific coding test with a combination of coding questions and multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of a specific language or set of languages.


Important Guidelines

When you decide to go through the certification process, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Follow all CodeSignal guidelines provided at the time of testing.
  • For some tests, you will be guided to select a specific language within the test. In these cases, select the specific language and then code your answer. Don’t change languages while solving the question.
  • Complete all coding within the CodeSignal IDE. Don’t copy and paste code from places outside of the CodeSignal IDE.
  • Complete the test using original content. Don’t search for online solutions and copy/paste or retype code from sources external to CodeSignal while completing the test.


Also, please note:

  • Your screen will be recorded as you take the test.
  • Your test will be manually reviewed once it’s complete to determine whether or not it meets the guidelines and is your original work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t pass the assessment?
If you don’t pass, don't worry! Nothing will display on your Upwork profile. You may request to be reassessed in six months. Send an email to assessments@upwork.com.

I was invited for a development assessment, but can’t find my invitation link.
Access your invitation here. After you select a skill from that link, the page will no longer be accessible. If you haven’t received an invite, the page will not be accessible. Email assessments@upwork.com if you need help to change your selected skill or if you already received a link to one of the coding tests and need help to retrieve that link.

Can I reference a syntax reference site when taking the test?
CodeSignal allows syntax reference web searches for coding questions only. Any search during a multiple-choice question or other web searches will result in disqualification.

I received an invitation, but I don’t have time right now. Can I take the test later?
We know how busy schedules can get. Though we can’t guarantee your future eligibility or the future availability of each test, we’re happy to re-evaluate when you’re ready to take the test. Email assessments@upwork.com when you’re ready to take the test. We will confirm the prior invitation and re-review eligibility and test availability then.

How do I report a technical issue I encountered while taking a coding assessment?
Please contact support@codesignal.com to explain the issue. If any changes are needed to your score, or a retake needs to be issued, they will reach out to us to assist with these adjustments. If they are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please let us know by emailing assessments@upwork.com with the details of what happened.

Is there a practice test for the skill-specific test?
At this time, we don’t have a practice test for the skill-specific tests. The skill-specific test contains a combination of coding questions and multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of a specific language or set of languages. If you are taking a test in a language, such as JavaScript, it tests the actual language (not frameworks).

I think one of my coding test questions was scored incorrectly, what should I do?
Please contact support@codesignal.com to explain the issue. If they are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please let us know by emailing assessments@upwork.com with the details of what happened.

When will I receive my results?
Test scores are manually reviewed and may take 4-5 business days before you receive your results. Email assessments@upwork.com after 5 business days if you still haven’t gotten your result.