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$1 an hour. Please don't insult my intelligence.

I feel like my intelligence been insulted. Clients, please wake up!


I am a former "Landman" who has been experiencing "down time" in the industry since March 2016. There are many of us in the same situation. I have worked as a "Landman" for 11 years, as my own boss. If you want to know more, please review my profile.


But Please! do not invite me to jobs for $1 an hour, or for $15 budgets, when there is going to be an ungodly amount of work involved. Not unless you are ready for my bid, and know that I will bid a price, which is more appropriate for my skills and experience. And that certainly will not be for $1 an hour.



I live in the USA, have bills and am now trying to locate work, that I can do at home, while taking care of my husband, who is not in good health.


Those clients who only want to pay $1 an hour, shame on you.


I apologize if I had offended anyone, but had to get this off my chest.





since March 2016


should read since March 2015.



Linda, can you explain how this $1.00/hr. thing works?


The minimum rate clients can set with contractors they haven't hired before is $3.00/hr.



Well you asked.... 


Looking back to get my facts straight... Boy is my face red Woman Embarassed... I mistook a job recommendation for an invitationWoman Embarassed. But still, I think it's a shame for clients to post jobs such as these.


This is how the client did it, inside their job post.


Budget was for $15


(Hope you can see what I posting, don't know if it will be removed)


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The real clincher, Client is supposed to be located in the USA. Can you believe this?


Since I received the job recommendation to bid, due to Upwork algorithums, and yes I did place a bid, but not for the $1 an hour ($15 budget for 15 hours a week). 

WOW, wait a minute.... $1 an hour HA! Let's try $1.25 a Week! That is, if one only goes for the $15 Budget.


What I did instead, calculated my time for 10 hours x 12 weeks (120 hours) and 15 hours x 12 weeks (150 hours), to come up with what I thought would be appropriate for the amount of work. Then said I would work for milestones at $170 a week for 12 weeks, which would have averaged between $11.33 to $17.00 an hour.


I knew I would not get the job, but bid anyway. Normally, I would just pass these up, but receiving the recommendation prompted me to bid.


Well guess what, "Declined by client: Inappropriate Job Posting". There were 38 other proposals, not counting my proposal, now it shows "0" proposals.


you can just ignore these job posts. that is what I do. why bother writing to the forum? : )



Go ahead, ignore them and then watch your real job invites drop to 0. Good plan.

Are you proposing something or just being sarcastic?

If you don't click on all emails sent to you that's the result.


This is all too common. In my area which is the retouching business rates are so much worse on here than they were on Elance (and that wasn't good!) There's no control, no guidlelines. This marketplace is a numbers game and all they're interested in is quantity, quality plays no part deciding who get s to be a client. I've fought on and off for rates to match the minimum wage in the country in which the client resides. This would clearly make it impossible for clients to post jobs that can only be picked up by far eastern and perhaps eastern European freelancers, there are many would be clients that actively seek bottom dollar work, aiming their jobs at the east. I'm ahppy to compete with anyone on quality, expertise, professionalism etc... but on here the competetion is all too often one of price  slashing. 

I feel your pain and yes, it is insulting!