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500Errors when making payments

Community Guru
Melissa T Member Since: Dec 5, 2014
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This has been happening on and off for a couple months now. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing it. 


I'll make a bonus payment to a freelancer, but rather than a confirmation screen, I'll get a 500error telling me that my request cannot be completed, try again later. The first time it happened I attempted to make the payment again, thinking it didn't go through and I needed to get my freelancer his payment. Unfortunately, it recorded a double payment. Luckily, my freelancer is working with me on an ongoing basis and we worked out how to use the second payment for future work, but it could have been a mess. 


Now, whenever I see the 500error after I make a bonus payment I wait a moment to see if my notification bell indicates a new message. I check messages and *poof* magically the payment has been recorded. Is anyone else having this same issue? 


It's not a cache issue, I've used multiple browsers and even multiple machines. The issue is inconsistent, happening about 50% of the time.