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A Freelancer used my computer to set up a profile and ...

My client profile has disappeared.


I was able to take the profile that's left and apply my details again, but I'm missing my jobs.  Everything is a mess.  Where are my freelancers?!


Now I have a profile with the wrong name (because I can't change that back).


I can't contact support, there is no way to contact anyone.


This is infuriating.


re: "A Freelancer used my computer to set up a profile and..."



A freelancer (or any type of person) may not set up a profile for another person. One Upwork user may not log into another user's account.


There are basically 3 rules that Upwork holds sacred above all others.


I understand that the distress you feel in this situation is genuine. I also understand that you were not aware that you were doing anything that was prohibited. Maybe you did not even do something that is prohibited. But you inadvertently did something that is so incredibly risky that it triggered flags and was suspected of being prohibited. Maybe you (technically) did nothing that is specifically prohibited, but you opened yourself up to the possibility that another person did something wrong.


But it appears that you are asking for help to resolve problems that arose from the violation of one of those 3 most important rules.


I think that one of the following things has happened:

- Another person (perhaps the freelancer you mentioned) logged into your account without your knowledge

- Another person logged into your account at your behest; you were unaware that this is prohibited

- You inadvertently violated Upwork's rules againt using two different Upwork accounts

- Upwork incorrectly suspects that you were using two different Upwork accounts

- Upwork incorrectly suspects that two different people were using your singular Upwork account


In order for you to succeed in accomplishing your goal now, you need to be aware of that.


What to do now?

Well, you have already done the smartest thing you could possbly do in this situation, which is to explain your situation here in the forum. Even better: Leave another post providing more details, including dates or approximate dates. The Community Forum is frequently visited by official Upwork staffers (moderators) who can take direct action on cases like this. It is not their obligation to do so. Be gratious and grateful if they help.


Also, you say that you "can't contact support." I don't know for certain that this is true. Have you tried submitting a single support ticket to ask for help with this situation?"


I advise you to do so here:


You need to understand that Upwork finds this sentence baffling:


"A Freelancer used my computer to set up a profile..."


Contractors and clients are often not even in the same country as each other. Upwork expects them to never be in the same room as each other, much less using the same computer. Upwork struggles to understand how a client and a freelancer he hired could legitimately be using the same physical computer to access different Upwork accounts.


If you hired a freelancer to work on your computer (to, for example, configure your drivers so you can connect to an Oracle database) it is understandable that you might use screen-sharing technology. But you would not, as part of this, be logging into each other's Upwork accounts.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Michael,


Somebody will reach out to you directly and help clarify the situation.


Thank you.

~ Valeria