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A big hole in the system

Incompetent contractors can keep on applying for jobs without having their profile affected with honest feedbacks from horrible jobs made in the past by simply refunding the amount paid. Just like that. That leaves the client frustrated and damaged without any compensation or reprieve to a poorly made work. So I chatted with a rep and she said "Michelle T.: Unfortunately, by system design, nothing can be done about it. Michelle T.: You can however flag the profile as inappropriate." So I go to that option and here are the options: duplicate profile fake profile picture spam profile bogus resume fake profile name privacy violation portfolio contains confidential information. None of these matches my complaint. However Odesk can't do anything about this because this is how their system works. Basically, all they care about is money. To protect the contractor (keeping clients blind from honest testimonials) and keep on getting jobs (10% goes to Odesk by the way), this system continues. Somebody please fix this!
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