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A job that I posted has received no proposals.

After about 18 hours, no contractor has made a proposal to a job that I posted.


Previously, I have received sufficient proposals on other jobs. Is there something I am doing wrong?




Is the job perhaps simply to unappealing or the budget is too low?


Ideas please.

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$20 for a day's work, and you expect them to travel to your location?  I get that the standard of pay may be lower in other countries, but $20??  Then take out Upwork's % as well as any other taxes and fees, plus the price of connects, you might want to bump that price up a little.

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Yes, standards are different, and $20 for the described task is considered 'okay' in my country. It's almost twice the minimum wage in the capital city.


It depends on the tutor's experience. I assume this place is good for finding younger-good tutors who are willing to do the job.


I'm not too young anymore but I think I can still teach some people about things I like doing, for $20. Problem is probably in the travel part.


When the office is next to where I live, it's very different than if it's located far away. Finding someone who lives next to your office might not be easy. So you need to think more about this.

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I believe the budget is quite low. This could be a reason. 

Best Wishes Zulqarnain Ansari (Zain)

Clients may not be aware of this, but now Upwork is asking freelancers for more connects to apply to a job. In the case of Henry's job, Upwork is asking for 8 connects, therefore $1.2. This may not seem a lot, but it is a lot to apply to a job worth $20. And you have to bear in mind that Upwork also takes their cut.


So now, freelancers are hesitating a lot more before applying to any job.

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$20 is too little for the things you want.  Cost of connect + travel expense + exchange conversion fees + whole day of training is too little even in India.  


You may find someone locally if you were to advertise locally.

Out of curiosity I checked the Big Mac index between India and Indonesia and they're nearly identical. So people there should see $20 nearly the same way (a little less) as I do.


But I agree with cost of connects and conversion fee/rate that could also affect people when making the decision.

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What about the travel expenses? does is our expense?

Thank you

Well, obviously there are no travel expenses when you work from home, but you must consider the electricity needed to use your computer.

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So you want a freelancer to travel to you, spend a day to get trained, then do the work all for $20?

You must realise that once Upwork take off their 10% fee, then take off another 20% of the fee for their VAT, which comes to $2.40, then takes $1.00 to withdraw the funds, then another $1.00 to transfer from dollars to whichever currency they use, it will only leave them with $15.60 for travel and 2 days worth of work, I think you answered your own query in your last point.

It's about time clients understood why only new freelancers are interested in jobs where the rate offered is much too low. A few years ago, a freelancer could make a proposal bidding a reasonable price and get the job, but in the present situation it's too risky. Wasting 12, 16 connects knowing that your offer does not stand any chance of being accepted is rather stupid.

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Ankit: I understand you are eager to find work.  However, did you read OP's job posting?


You are nowhere near what he is looking for.  If you randomly start yelling "hire me" without reading what the job is for, people may not think highly of your abilities  to understand assignments.


You will not have much luck when you don't post a real profile picture picture of you.

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